~ A range of resources providing soul care for sensitives and empaths ~
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Stress Relief for Sensitives

Three guided meditation techniques + an information-filled ebook which together offer a wonderful support for empaths and sensitives to feel grounded, calm and secure so you can embrace your sensitive gifts and feel free to be you.

In offering this Stress Relief for Sensitives resource my heartfelt wish is to offer you some practical ways to move out of stress and overwhelm into a state of grounded peace and self-acceptance so you can embrace your sensitivity and thrive.

Price: £15 

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Yoga Nidra for Sleep

If you experience difficulty switching off when it’s time to go bed, then download this Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation.

Let my voice guide you to drift off to sleep … feel your body releasing and softening … sense your thoughts quietening and drifting away … as you enter into delicious, restful, rejuvenating deep sleep…

This 21-minute guided Soul Rest Yoga Nidra meditation is formulated to guide you through deeper brainwave states which allow your mind to slow down, so you will naturally fall asleep.

Price: £4

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Moon Wisdom Meditations

Moon Wisdom MeditationsTune into the guidance of the Moon and turn your intuition into inspired action.

When we spend time connecting to the Moon we’re guided to connect to our intuition and the wise whispers of our soul, guiding us forward on the right path.

If you love the Moon and wish to forge a deeper connection to Her energies to guide you to tap into your intuition and live life in alignment with your deepest dreams and goals then take a look at my Moon Wisdom Meditation Tool Kit.

It’s a bundle of five guided meditation audios – one for each of the major phases of the Moon,  a workbook of Moon Wisdom Soul Reflection prompts + a BONUS free 17-page eBook on the Moon and Lunar Cycles.

Price: £20

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