~ Books by author, poet and Priestess Stella Tomlinson – celebrating nature’s magic, sacred cycles and finding peace within ~

Whispers from Mother Earth Book

~ Whispers From Mother Earth: Poems and prayers of healing, inspiration and transformation ~

Whispers from Mother Earth - book cover image

Mother Earth whispers to us. Have you heard Her?

Whispers from Mother Earth shares poems and prayers as whispers from Her and words of devotion to Her.

In this book you will discover over 40 poems and prayers, reflecting different aspects of Goddess.

Let Mother Earth whisper Her blessings to you.

This book is for women who long to:

  • Live in rhythm with the sun and the moon
  • Feel connected to the divine in nature
  • Honour the divine feminine and Goddess in all Her forms

These compelling poems and prayers are suitable for reflective reading and to facilitate healing, inspiration and empowerment in women’s circles, meditation groups and ceremonies.

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Peace Lies Within Book

~ Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace ~

Peace Lies Within book cover

Do you wish you could feel more positive, present and peaceful?

Because all too often you feel stressed, pressured or overwhelmed.

The inner peace you crave feels elusive because you’re at the mercy of the thoughts racing around your mind.

Peace Lies Within offers you another way to live.

Ways to tame that busy, fretful mind so you can feel less stressed and more resilient, centered and calm.

In this book you will discover 108 practices, insights and inspirations to enable you to:

  • Soothe your stress response using mindful body and breath techniques
  • Feel balanced and calm by making friends with your emotions and mind
  • Tune into the energy of your heart and soul to create meaningful connection

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