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Stella Tomlinson Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Southampton, Eastleigh, Hampshire

Hey there beautiful soul, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I’m a writer, teacher, Priestess and a highly sensitive person.

~ And I’m here to guide you home to the grounded, loving, intuitive wisdom which resides within your heart and soul. ~

Does this sound like you?

*You feel your emotions deeply and can often feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your own thoughts & emotions;
*You tend to be very aware of the subtleties in your environment, pick up on other people’s moods & energy & need plenty of time alone;
* You’re sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, electromagnetic frequencies, strong smells, coarse fabrics & caffeine
* You yearn to feel calm, peaceful & relaxed and at home in your own skin. Instead all too often you feel anxious/depressed, overwhelmed, and a curious mixture of wired-but-tired.

Too often you feel like you’re the only person you know who feels all these complex feelings so intensely.

Yet... you also have a rich inner life; you’re empathetic and intuitively know how to help; you tend to see the best in people; you have a strong sense of intuitive guidance; and you experience a felt sense of how all of life is connected and have a belief in the unseen world of soul and spirit. Stillness, solitude, and connection to nature re-energise you.

You yearn for spiritual connection ... and intuitively find this in connecting to the cycles and seasons of nature; you’re aware of the intuitive whispers of your soul trying to guide you; you’re intrigued by the old pathways of earth-based wisdom & spirituality and feel called to explore all of this more to bring grounded spiritual practices into your life.

How do I know? Because I’ve experienced all of this (and more…) Because I know that, like me, you’re a highly sensitive woman… and this is how we tend to feel!

So, please know, dear one, that you are not alone. I am here for you.

The sensitive, radiant souls who are already in my online and Hampshire UK-based communities are here for you too.

Let us welcome you home: it's time to come home to your soul.

Let's guide you home

It’s time to move on from confusion, anxiety and disconnection and come home to clarity, grounded inner peace, and connection to your intuition so you can live a radiant heart-and-soul led life.

It’s time to embrace who you are. This world needs your light and your heart!

Through heart & soul connection practices to activate your intuition; energy healing & grounding; guided self-enquiry & harnessing the power of intention; and cycle & seasonal awareness & ceremony, I’ll walk by your side to guide you to reconnect to the intuitive wisdom of your heart & soul; and to create meaningful connection through living in rhythm with the flow of life through cycle and seasonal energy awareness as a grounded spiritual practice.

You will learn pathways to embrace your life - with all its imperfections and challenges - and rediscover the peace, wisdom & radiance which were within you all along.

Connect with like-souled women who won’t compete or dramatize or talk you down ... a safe space where you can be you and explore heart & soul and intuitive wisdom, with no pressure or judgment.

Whether you prefer small-group in-person classes, events, courses or day retreats; online resources, community and courses; or books … you will feel inspired, uplifted, empowered and living with a greater sense of peace and in sacred connection with your sensitive body and soul and the natural rhythms and cycles and flow of life.

This is what I currently offer as in-person teaching in the Southampton, Eastleigh & Wickham areas, Hampshire, UK as well as products and services – more is on its way later in 2019 and beyond:

Soul Space for Sensitives: Meditation events in Wickham and Romsey Hampshire

Soul Space for Sensitives Events

~ Soul Space for Sensitives: Space your soul is yearning for ~ Soulful connection through movement, rest, meditation, guided self-enquiry, ceremony and seasonal energy awareness: events in Wickham & Romsey, Hampshire, UK. Do you find the sensory stimulation of modern life

Peace Lies Within book

Peace Lies Within: my book

~ Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace ~ Do you wish you could feel more positive, present and peaceful? Because all too often you feel stressed, pressured or overwhelmed. The inner peace

Meditation teacher Stella in a cornfield

Meditation Shop

Meditation downloads to buy to help you make space for your soul. Meditations to help you to feel more positive, present & peaceful; to guide you to slow down and connect to the healing energies and guidance of your heart

Runner Pose

Yoga & meditation classes & workshops with heart & soul

Feel more positive, present and peaceful with inspiring, calming and empowering yoga and meditation classes, workshops & courses in Horton Heath, Eastleigh, Bishopstoke and Wickham: all near to Southampton. Slow down. Listen to your heart. Nourish your soul. Ready for more

Essential Rest: restorative yoga and yoga nidra

Essential Rest: Receive the healing power of rest

~ Essential Rest: receive the healing power of rest ~ Deeply restoring rest and relaxation Friday evenings every 4-6 weeks in Eastleigh. Come and relax completely and let go of stresses and worries at the end of another busy week.

Dru yoga in Southampton and Eastleigh Hampshire with Stella

Meditation Class: Moving into Stillness

~ Connect to calm with meditation ~ Monthly meditation class, last Tuesday of each month: Movement meditation, relaxation and guided meditation in Bishopstoke, Eastleigh (near Southampton) Meditation enables us to awaken to a different way of living. To move beyond

My story & vision

Stella Tomlinson - Living in Rhythm - movement, yoga, meditation, relaxation, stillness, inner peace

Hey there. I’m Stella Tomlinson: I’m a nature-lover; a moon-gazer; a tree-hugger; a cloud-watcher; daily-meditator; and I’m a highly sensitive person. I work with highly sensitive and empathic women who struggle with feeling stressed and anxious, overwhelmed and ungrounded and...

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Kind words of praise

Stella’s beautiful soul and calming realism have given me the tools to self-soothe and find peace and strength to deal with day to day life. I love her approach and realistic view of life. A truly beautiful lady with an open, giving and welcoming heart.

Dee, Eastleigh

Stella is so welcoming, so encouraging, so peaceful and free. There is so much love shared and so much wisdom.

Tracey, Southampton

Stella provides a gentle and powerful space for healing, inspiration and transformation.

Felicity, Winchester

Stella’s passion and desire for all to experience the beauty of inner peace is inspiring and infectious.

Debbie, Southampton

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