Woman. Do you feel the call too?

Deep within your bones there’s a calling to pause and recalibrate how you live your life… A desire to develop a spiritual connection grounded in the truth of your body… A yearning to awaken to your true potential …


Then let me guide you to uncover and step into rich new visions for your life, unlock the magic of everyday and step into your personal power.

My work blends the wisdom of nature with restful dream meditation and simple ritual for emotional healing, soul vision and creative inspiration.

Answer the call of your soul and live your life in alignment with your values and dreams.

I believe…

{And if this resonates with you, then you may feel like you’ve come home when you join this community.}

I believe that this world and this life is an enchanting place of magic and wonder, possibility and potential. All things in it have a soul and all is connected. And if we can just open up our minds and hearts to remember this then we could engage with the world in ways which engender peace, joy and freedom for all existences.

But instead we find ourselves existing in an age of disenchantment where most of us are disconnected from our souls, the souls of all things, and the soul of the world, trapped in a collective nightmare that keeps us locked into being disengaged, inward-focused, self-serving, docile consumers.

What’s more, it views nature as a resource to be plundered and is unceasing in its greed for more.

It’s destroying the planet and crushing the human soul.

How do we counter this?

I believe an important step is to re-enchant ourselves: to choose to participate whole-heartedly in the many and rich layers of this embodied and creative life.

To slow down, to cultivate a sense of “enoughness” amidst the endless clamour for more, to live in connection with our body, to embrace the ebbs and flows of cyclic living, to make time to rest and to dream and to value these as gifts in our lives, to build a relationship with nature, nurture the numinous and create meaning through simple daily rituals.

This is a way home to your soul’s yearnings, gifts and unique path.

No star is ever lost we once have seen
We always may be what we might have been.

~ Adeleine Anne Proctor

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Stella Tomlinson - Living in Rhythm - movement, yoga, meditation, relaxation, stillness, inner peace

I’m Stella Tomlinson and I am a Priestess, author and nature meditation guide for women who wish to connect to their intuitive wisdom & the sacred cycles of nature so that they can awaken to their soul’s purpose and finally live to their full potential....

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Kind words of praise

Stella’s beautiful soul and calming realism have given me the tools to self-soothe and find peace and strength to deal with day to day life. A truly beautiful lady with an open, giving and welcoming heart.

Dee, Eastleigh

Stella is so welcoming, so encouraging, so peaceful and free. There is so much love shared and so much wisdom.

Tracey, Southampton

Stella’s passion and desire for all to experience the beauty of inner peace is inspiring and infectious.

Debbie, Southampton

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