Why I'm taking a break

Yes, it's to focus on writing, but I'm also reappraising my work and how to move forward for the following reasons.

We’re living under a white supremacist, neoliberal patriarchy.

It’s destroying the planet and crushing the human soul.

It turns us into consumers who are in constant competition with each other.

It oppresses, harms, even kills anything which does not look like it: white, heterosexual and male.

Too many spiritual practices which seek to liberate us have succumbed to this agenda and instead keep us focused inward, disengaged, self-serving and docile.

If like me, you consider yourself a spiritual (white) woman, then you’re likely to be practising, maybe teaching, practices which, arguably, aren’t yours to share.

They’re based on wisdom stolen from other cultures and re-packaged to perpetuate white privilege.

I believe that spirituality without cultural, socio-economic, political and environmental awareness is, frankly, self-indulgent.

I, for one, will no longer continue to perpetuate this.

So, as of summer 2020, I'm taking a break from teaching to reflect, learn and re-evaluate how I will move forward with my work.

It's likely to be based around the British and Celtic nature-based spiritual traditions I have been learning about and practising these last few years. But I wish to find a way to share it which is meaningful, authentic and effects real change. I don't want to simply provide a novel experience that's taken as a sedative to keep people numb. Too many spiritual practices have been packaged up as sticky plasters to hide away the very real pain and trauma of living in this life-destroying culture.

I may well write about my reflections on these issues through my blog.

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Kind words of praise

Stella’s beautiful soul and calming realism have given me the tools to self-soothe and find peace and strength to deal with day to day life. A truly beautiful lady with an open, giving and welcoming heart.

Dee, Eastleigh

Stella is so welcoming, so encouraging, so peaceful and free. There is so much love shared and so much wisdom.

Tracey, Southampton

Stella’s passion and desire for all to experience the beauty of inner peace is inspiring and infectious.

Debbie, Southampton

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