Soul Care for Empaths & Sensitives

Stella Tomlinson, Priestess, author and poetTwice a month I send out Soul Notes – around the time of the waning and full moons.

It’s not a newsletter. They’re love notes written from my soul to yours about living life as an empath and sensitive: what’s going on in my life and soul, realizations I’ve had and mystical musings.

I’ll tell you a story of how it is to live a soul-led, creative life, honouring your body and life’s sacred cycles, in connection with Mother Earth.

When you sign-up to Soul Notes you’ll also receive access to the Mother Earth is Holding You meditation – an 11-minute soothing guided meditation designed to give you a short pause in your day to connect the feeling of being held by Mother Earth so you can relax and just be…

+ I’ll also share updates on my books and offerings and discount codes.

With much love & peaceful blessings,
Stella xxx

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