~ Be Held by Her Sacred Seasons Resources ~
Explore the seasons and the eight festivals known as the Wheel of the Year through meditation, ritual, ceremony and journaling.

maple leaves in the colours of the seasonsThe exquisite rhythm of the cycles of nature is an ever-present container which holds us through life.

This is the energy of the Sacred Feminine, of the Great Mother,
holding us in Her dance of life.

In the annual solar cycle, we follow the eternal dance of the Earth moving around the Sun – bringing us the blessings of the four seasons and the eight festivals known as “The Wheel of the Year”.

When you consciously connect to the dance of these cycles around you and within you, it can invoke feelings of inner safety, confidence and self-trust so you can follow your soul’s callings and live to your full potential because you feel held by something greater than yourself – the energy of Life living itself through you.

Your soul self can step forward to lead – that part of you which is a unique expression of the divine; that part of you which is connected to all of life; that part of you which is your true essence – your deepest self.

So through 2021-22 I am creating seasonal resources to enable you to activate and harness the powers and gifts these sacred seasons offer
to encourage you to open to new insight, unleash your creative potential and live led by the wisdom of your soul.

These Be Held by Her Sacred Seasons resources are for you if:

  • You wish to walk a path of grounded nature-based spirituality, held by the presence of the Sacred Feminine;
  • You need some guidance and/or inspiration to connect to the energies and gifts of the Wheel of the Year;
  • You’d love to tap into each season’s potential for healing, inspiration and transformation and harness these energies to effect change in your life.

Leaves in the colours of the seasons

What you will receive:

1) An illustrated guide to the season detailing its energies; how to work with the seasonal energies; about the archetype or element associated with the season; tips on creating a seasonal altar; and simple rituals to harness the power of the season.

2) Three recorded guided meditation practices to enable you to dive deeply into the power and potential of the season, each lasting 20-25 minutes:

  • REST: A guided Yoga Nidra to invite you to rest deeply and immerse yourself in the energies of the season;
  • DREAM: A guided soul journey to meet the archetypal face of the Goddess or the element associated with the season and receive their gifts and guidance for you;
  • AWAKEN: A guided meditation to activate your soul’s wisdom in alignment with the season’s energies.

3) A step-by-step guide to create your own healing and inspiring ceremony to celebrate the seasonal festival.

4) An overview of the Wheel of the Year.

Autumn & the Equinox

Autumn and the Equinox, the earth element, and the Queen archetype

Dive deeply into the magic and potential of Autumn and the Equinox through meditation, ritual, ceremony and journaling and activate the energies of grounding, release, protection, the Queen archetype and the Earth element.


£20 (or equivalent in your currency)


Lammas and early autumn

Explore Lammas and early autumn through meditation, ritual, ceremony and journaling and activate the energies of abundancegratitude and The Mother archetype.


£20 (or equivalent in your currency)

About Stella

Stella Tomlinson Soul Sanctuary PriestessHi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I share a healing path honouring nature’s cycles & the callings of the soul, helping you to feel “Held by Her” – the loving, healing & empowering presence of Mother Earth within and all around us.

I’m a Priestess, author & poet and experienced soulful meditation guide.

My next book Cycles of Belonging: Honouring ourselves through life’s sacred cycles is out with Womancraft Publishing in early 2022.

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