Tune into the guidance of the Moon and turn your intuition into inspired action

Moon Wisdom MeditationsI believe that listening to the rhythms of nature connects us to the pulse of life. We tap into the wisdom of the universe.

We’re guided to live in alignment with our deepest heartfelt desires and find our lives unfolding with greater ease and flow.

I’ve found that tuning into the waxing and waning, ebb and flow of the Moon’s cycle each month enriches your life and helps you to shift confusion and blocks so you can achieve long-held desires, dreams and goals.

When we spend time connecting to the Moon we’re guided to connect to our intuition and the wise whispers of our soul, guiding us forward on the right path.

  • What are your deepest dreams?
  • What is rising within you?
  • What do you feel most grateful for?
  • What do you need to release?
  • What lessons have you learned?

…This is the journey the Moon guides us through each and every month.

And when we learn to follow this guidance, we feel more grounded, trusting of life, self-accepting and spiritually nourished.

Consistently showing up to connect to the Moon and your inner guidance will help you to find the clarity in your life you yearn for and will help you achieve changes and dreams that may feel currently out of reach.

You don’t need anything other than a willingness to connect to the Moon, listen in to the whispers of your intuition, and to honour their guidance.

I know the profound magic that this work can do, and I can’t wait to see how your life changes as result.

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What you’ll receive

This Moon Wisdom Tool Kit contains a bundle of five guided meditations – one for each of the major phases of the Moon: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon, Dark Moon (all are approx. 10 minutes long).

These meditations will guide you to make a profound soul connection to the energy of each phase of the Moon to help you connect to intuitive guidance and the wise whispers of your soul so you can turn those whispers into action.

In addition, you will also receive a workbook of Moon Wisdom Soul Reflection prompts which guide you to further explore what you need and want in each phase of the monthly Moon cycle.

And you will receive a BONUS free 17-page eBook on the Moon and Lunar Cycles, full of information about the Moon’s cycles and energies, Moon facts and inspirations, and you’ll discover how the Moon relates to the menstrual cycle and the stages of a woman’s life.

All you’ll need to use this Tool Kit is a computer, laptop, smartphone or mobile device to which you can download and listen to the mp3 audio files, and download the PDF Soul Reflection prompts and eBook.

What do I sound like?

If you haven’t met me, or heard my voice before, you may be wondering something along the lines of “I like the sound of this tool kit, but what does she sound like? What if I don’t like her voice?!”

I get it! If you’re going to purchase guided meditation recordings from me, you may want to know that you get on with my voice and my energy!

So, here’s a sample – an added bonus for you, because this isn’t included in the tool kit.

Try me out! Listen to this 3-minute Grounding Meditation

About Stella

Stella Tomlinson is a writer, Priestess, experienced teacher of restful yoga and soulful meditation, energy healer, and author of Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace.

Stella guides, intuitive women who feel overwhelmed, self-doubting and misunderstood to find the inner peace and calm, radiant confidence they yearn for so they can live with peace and purpose.

She combines rebalancing a stress-overloaded nervous system with grounded spiritual practices, in alignment with the cycles of the Moon and Sun, to provide balm for the soul, and to help you reclaim profound peace, clarity and confidence.

Buy Moon Wisdom Meditations now

Price: £20
Buy through my secure online shopping site, by PayPal or debit/credit card