~ Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace ~

Peace Lies Within - the bookDo you wish you could feel more positive, present and peaceful?

Because all too often you feel stressed, pressured or overwhelmed.

The inner peace you crave feels elusive because you’re at the mercy of the thoughts racing around your mind.

Peace Lies Within offers you another way to live.

Ways to tame that busy, fretful mind so you can feel less stressed and more resilient, centered and calm.

In this book you will discover 108 practices, insights and inspirations to enable you to:

  • Soothe your stress response using mindful body and breath techniques
  • Feel balanced and calm by making friends with your emotions and mind
  • Tune into the energy of your heart and soul to create meaningful connection

They are pathways to self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and greater compassion, inner peace and joy.

Bring these simple practices into your life and you will be amazed at your capacity to connect to the deep sense of serenity that lies within you.

If you often feel at the mercy of your mind and all those thoughts scrabbling for your attention, and yearn for inner peace, then this book is for you.

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Praise for ‘Peace Lies Within’

Taken from reviews on Amazon…

Stella gives great tips on calming the overactive mind and grounding yourself. The book is written in a friendly, casual and reassuring way and is interlaced with humour making it a pleasure to read … This book is a warm companion for those who are highly sensitive or/and overthinkers! ~ Adele

Peace Lies Within, is a wonderfully inspiring, honest and self soothing book. It can be read as a whole or dipped into for daily suggestions of focus. ~ Kathryn Barton

I love this book! It inspires me every day to look within and each day I find a little more peace. If you open a page at random, you will find just what you need for the day ahead. Stella is honest and gives out so much kindness to help us all. Go on and try it, you will not be disappointed! ~ L B Crouch

If you want something to ease your mind and soothe your soul, this book is for you. Author Stella Tomlinson guides us through the pages to tame our minds and find inner peace, tranquillity, self-understanding and joy … You feel as if the author is talking off the pages directly to you, as a friend. It’s a warm, brilliant synthesis of insight, guidance and wisdom that will open the heart and soothe the mind. It’s the kind of book you will want to keep by your bedside and if you’re having an off moment, randomly open to any page and soak in the inspirations. ~ AJ

In these uncertain times, when it can be difficult to face the world with equanimity, I have found Stella’s book to be a prescription for finding calmness and composure particularly when dealing with challenging situations/people. ~ Kate Dickens

I love this book. In the morning just before my yoga practice I open it at a random page and read Stella’s words of wisdom and use it to ground my daily practice. These are a collection of really accessible and compassionate nuggets of wisdom. Genuinely helps me to manage my anxiety and feel hopeful and positive about the day ahead. ~ Helen Williams

I will be eternally grateful for this book. It feels as though it was written especially for me! It is helping me accept that however I feel it’s okay and to learn strategies and use mantra’s to find peace and acceptance. ~ Mandy Woolmore

About Stella

Stella Tomlinson is a writer, Dru Yoga and meditation teacher, and Energy Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner.

Stella guides sensitive, soulful people to connect slow down, connect to their hearts and nourish their souls to discover the inner peace and joy which were there all along.

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