~ The Earthed Empath. Held by Mother Earth. Grounded, confident and freely expressive.~

Seated woman by a tree gazing into the cosmos: the earth empath

Let me begin with a fundamental truth.

We are all empathic to some degree (other than psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists).

Each one of us has the capacity to understand and share the feelings of another.

But highly sensitive empaths exist on the further end of this spectrum.

Empaths feel the emotional and mental states of others, of places and even of objects.

This can lead to emotional overload and feelings of overwhelm and anxiety if you’re not earthed – if you’re not grounded.

But the Earthed Empath experiences this deep connection as a gift, within her* body, mind and soul.

She embraces and mines the strengths of her sensitivities because she knows how to manage her energies, alchemise her emotions and trust her intuition.

She revels in the magic and mystery of life for she knows that this world and this life is an enchanting place of wonder, possibility and potential.

She knows that all things in it have a soul and all is connected.

She regularly opens her inner vision and senses to spend time with her soul and to open to the imaginal world: that space between the worlds of physical existence and the mental world.

She also regularly opens her outer vision and senses to commune with the divine in the world of nature all around her – and knows that she is part of nature too.

So she plants her feet firmly on the earth and listens to the whispers of the trees and the song of the birds; she delights in the dance of air caressing her skin and welcomes the fire of the sun igniting her passion and motivation. She trusts in the flow of life and welcomes the depths of stillness and silence.

Nature is her church and her body is her temple.

She knows herself and is unafraid to mine the depths of her shadows as well as the heights of her joys.

She is courageous, confident, wise, wild and free.

* When using the terms ‘she’ and ‘her’ I am speaking to all those who identify as women. Yes of course, men and non-binary folx are empaths too, but in my work I am currently focusing on women. 

The Earth Empath - woman lying on the earth

The Earthed Empath’s calling

She sees the truth and feels called to share her gifts and/or her voice and vision for a better life, and in doing so she will play her role in the collective movement to create a sustainable, joyful and just life that honours all existences.

Because she also knows that the way of modern life in the global north and west is a wasteland.

For we find ourselves existing in an age of disenchantment where most of us are disconnected from our souls, the souls of all things, and the soul of the world, trapped in a collective nightmare that keeps us locked into being disengaged, inward-focused, self-serving, docile consumers.


Because we’re living under a capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy.

And it’s turned us into consumers who are in constant competition with each other while oppressing, harming even killing anything which does not look like it: white, heterosexual, privileged and male. All for the sake of its own profit.

What’s more, it views nature as a resource to be plundered and is unceasing in its greed for more.

It’s destroying the planet and crushing the human soul.

Women with flames around her head: The Sacred Creatrix

Restoring balance

The Earthed Empath knows that we badly need to counterbalance the centuries of dominance of this toxic expression of masculinity.

She knows in her bones that we need to restore the Sacred Feminine energies of:

  • Embodied wisdom – intellect informed by our senses and intuition.
  • Generative fecundity.
  • Depths and darkness.
  • Compassion, nurturing and acceptance.
  • Creativity and flow.
  • Passion and sensuality.
  • Rest and healing.
  • Dream and inner vision.
  • Community and connection.
  • Transformation and power with (rather than power over).
  • Shape and form and spirals and circles.
  • Soul.
  • The Feminine also holds the role of death and decay in the cycle of life, necessary for life to regenerate and for the cycles to continue.

This is not an either/or competition by the way. It’s not about man-bashing (the system of patriarchy oppresses men too in its narrow view of what it means to be masculine).

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine is about regaining balance. All sexes and gender identities hold both feminine and masculine within them.

The Feminine is innately inclusive.
She is the source and sustainer of the eternal cycles of life and death.
She is within all beings and existences AND She is the matrix which holds us all.


So, are you an Earthed Empath – or aspire to be?

Do these words and this vision resonate with you?

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