Do you wonder what your true calling is in this life?

I’ve been pondering this for, well, a few years now!

These last couple of years, in my work, I’ve been in a place of searching and experimenting and wondering.

I’ve tried one approach out … and then moved onto something else. Occasionally I’ve cancelled events. One thing I was certain of though was that last spring it was time for me to stop teaching yoga … but I wasn’t sure what was ready to come in its place.

Maybe this resonates.

Sometimes we have to be courageous enough to let everything go
and be in the depths and darkness of the void for a while before we’re ready to know what comes next
(though I absolutely acknowledge that it takes economic privilege to be able to do this when it comes to your work.)

Women with flames around her head: The Sacred Creatrix

In the void

This is the space I’ve been in these last few years.

During 2018-2020 I finally took steps to get treatment for the Irritable Bowel Syndrome I’d been suffering with for 10 years – it’d got to the point that leaving the house was causing me tremendous anxiety.

I saw a functional medicine doctor to re-balance my gut biome and then, at her recommendation, an integrative psychotherapist who helped me to uncover and bring healing to the emotional wounds and traumatic experiences I’d experienced in childhood and during my younger adult years.

That certainly took me to some dark places.

Painful. Bewildering.

Necessary. Healing. 

For in this void I came to a profound understanding of some of the dynamics playing out in my life since childhood that had stifled my true voice, obscured my creative spirit and caused me to mislay parts of my soul.

It’s also helped me understand how so many of us – particularly women – carry these wounds. Mother wounds, witch wounds, sisterhood wounds… Wounds inflicted by colonialism, racism, misogyny..

The wounds inflicted by patriarchy.

The wounds which serve to silence us…

A calling from the divine

During this same period, during 2018-2020, I trained to be a Priestess of Brighid (Goddess of poetry and the flame of creative inspiration, healing and transformation)… and, I’ll be honest, even though the calling to do this was strong and I know that in trusting and following my intuition I stepped onto the right path, I’ve been unsure how to express being a Priestess in the world.

I’ve had lots of ideas … and lots of doubts about what felt right.

And so, on 2nd February this year (my birthday and Imbolc – Brighid’s day) – a little over a year after I’d initiated as a Priestess, I went for a walk to visit my favourite trees and then sat in my Brighid Temple at home (aka our teeny 3rd bedroom) and asked the trees, Brighid and my soul’s deepest longings for guidance…

And I received a very clear answer.

“You are my Priestess Creatrix. Write.
And support other women to trust their soul’s calling and voice.”

Well, when you ask the divine for an answer and it comes through that clearly … I’m not one to doubt or ignore it!

I know I’m also called to share about thriving as a highly sensitive woman and empath … indeed I’ve been writing and sharing soul space for sensitives since 2015.

So, taking this all together I am answering the call of my soul and Goddess and unveiling the new approach to my work, which is:

Be Held by Her:
Soul Care for Empaths & Sensitives

As an author & poet, soul connection guide and Priestess of Brighid – Goddess of healing, inspiration and transformation – I will be a guide for women* who experience the world and their emotions intensely to help them feel safe, calm and confident so they can follow their calling and share their gifts with the world. (* by which I mean all those who identify as women.)

I will help them to feel “Held by Her” – the loving, healing and empowering presence of Mother Earth within and all around us.

Because in (re)discovering this loving presence I have found a sense of inner safety, self-trust and self-worth which has been lacking for too long in my life.

~ So my dearest wish is to help you to feel an internal sense of safety, calm and confidence so you can follow your calling and live to your full potential ~

This is for you if you know you’ve got something to share but are struggling to make that happen.

Perhaps you feel held back from following your soul’s callings through procrastination, overwhelm and self-doubt (and maybe unhealthy doses of fear and anxiety too).

And I know that sometimes you feel sad and frustrated at not feeling quite good enough, and sometimes you feel overwhelmed and misunderstood and can’t see the way forward… I see this, because I’ve experienced this myself.

  • You feel your emotions deeply and can often feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your own thoughts and emotions;
  • You pick up on other people’s energies and moods and you tend to be very aware of the subtleties in your environment – which can sometimes feel like a gift and other times like a curse;
  • You feel the pain in the world of greed, cruelty, intolerance, rampant consumerism and environmental destruction;
  • You feel frustrated and misunderstood, like you’re the only person you know who feels all these complex feelings so intensely.

But you also:

  • Love spending quiet-time thinking, dreaming, and reflecting (when you can get it!);
  • Find comfort in being in nature and feeling that beautiful sense of how all of life is connected;
  • Adore connecting to the unseen world of soul and spirit and the longings and wisdom of the heart.

You wish you could trust your vision and your voice and experience more ease, flow and confidence in your life; that you could liberate your soul’s voice.

Warrior heart of the Goddess at Beltane

What I wish for you

I’d love for you to:

  • Root into your inner knowing to build an unshakeable sense of self-trust.
  • Reconnect to your body – the sacred home to your soul – so you can clearly hear your soul’s whispers and take inspired action.
  • Reclaim your wisdom, self-worth and confidence so you can express yourself from the truth of who you are.

And I do this through sharing the tools that have helped me, so you can:

  • Manage your energy.
  • Alchemise your feelings.
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Unlock the strengths in your sensitivities.

Is this what you’d like in your life?

If so, then welcome.

Thank you for stepping forward.

Your sensitivities, insights and gifts are so needed.

Now it’s time to trust in yourself and share your gifts with the world.

Is this what you’d like in your life?

Then join me for the journey…

The first step: Soul Notes & the Mother Earth is Holding You meditation

Through my Soul Notes emails I am sharing love notes written from my soul to yours about living life as an empath and sensitive: what’s going on in my life and soul, realizations I’ve had and mystical musings.

I’ll tell you a story of how it is to live a soul-led, creative life, honouring your body and life’s sacred cycles, in connection with Mother Earth.

I send them every fortnight, around the Dark and Full Moons.

When you sign-up to Soul Notes you’ll also receive access to the Mother Earth is Holding You meditation – an 11-minute soothing guided meditation designed to give you a short pause in your day to connect the feeling of being held by Mother Earth so you can relax and just be…

Sounds like something you’d like? Then sign up for Soul Notes here.

Coming in 2021

Moving forward I’ll be sharing my offerings through online courses – I’m creating the first one now.

I’ll likely offer exclusive discounts to subscribers of Soul Notes.

And I may do some live online classes too.


I look forward to helping you to be held by Her and feel a wonderful internal sense of safety, calm and confidence so you can follow your calling and live to your full potential

Wishing you much love and peaceful blessings,
Stella x

About Stella

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I work with women who experience the world and their emotions intensely to help them feel safe, calm and confident so they can follow their calling and share their gifts with the world.

I’m a Priestess of Brighid, published author & poet and experienced soul connection guide.

Let me send you Soul Notes + the free Mother Earth is Holding You meditation



Answering the Call of my Soul: Be Held by Her
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