A few thoughts on who Goddess is and where you can find her
… and then She speaks directly to you as I read “I Am” from my book ‘Whispers From Mother Earth’.

Goddess is not an abstract figure who you need to have faith in … for She is within you and all around you.

She is your heartbeat, and your bones, flesh, blood, and breath.
She is the energy which makes flowers blooms.
She whispers on the wind and through the song of a robin.
She is in the bloom of a rose and its divine scent.
She is in sunlight diamonds sparkling on water, and in the roar of the ocean.
She is in the tender sapling and the gnarled old oak.
She whispers to you through the numinous glow of the full moon and the flow of our menstrual blood.

Whispers from Mother Earth Book

Whispers from mother earth book at the base of a tree~ Whispers From Mother Earth: Poems and prayers of healing, inspiration and transformation ~

Mother Earth whispers to us. Have you heard Her?

Whispers from Mother Earth shares poems and prayers as whispers from Her and words of devotion to Her.

In this book you will discover over 40 poems and prayers, reflecting different aspects of Goddess.

Let Mother Earth whisper Her blessings to you.

If you feel called to connect to Goddess and the sacred cycles of life, then this book is for you.

These compelling poems and prayers are suitable for reflective reading and to facilitate healing, inspiration and empowerment in women’s circles, meditation groups and ceremonies.

Find out more about ‘Whispers From Mother Earth‘.

Stella Tomlinson Soul Sanctuary PriestessAbout Stella

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I share a healing path honouring nature’s cycles & the callings of the soul, helping you to feel “Held by Her” – the loving, healing & empowering presence of Mother Earth within and all around us.

I’m a Priestess, author & poet and experienced soulful meditation guide.

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Who is Goddess?