Welcome, dear one, to your soul sanctuary, welcome home.

Rest, dream, reawaken and rise up in self-trust and courage to live life, your way, in touch with the cycles of your body, the moon and the seasons.

If you’re new to me and my work here’s an overview of what it’s all about…

Stella Tomlinson: highly sensitive person and tree huggerHi, I’m Stella Tomlinson.

I’m a teacher, creatrix, writer and Priestess.

I’m an experienced yoga & meditation teacher, Yoga Nidra lover and seeker of indigenous Celtic wisdom & nature spirituality
Oh, and I love to hug trees. I do ask permission first though 😉 Read more about me here.

I’ve been on this journey for 20 years …  I share what I’ve learned along the way.

My mission is to guide women to reclaim the wisdom of their body and soul and nature’s seasons.   

During summer 2020 I am taking a sabbatical as I put the finishing touches to new online resources and a community to bring you home to yourself + I’m writing my next book.

You may feel like you’ve come home when you join me if you’re yearning to:

  • Feel more at peace with yourself, confident and comfortable in your own skin;
  • Create space in your life so you can process your thoughts and feelings and tune into what you truly want and need;
  • Rediscover your sense of self amidst all the distractions and demands on your time and energy;
  • Reclaim sovereignty over your mind and emotions and stop worrying about what other people think;
  • Learn to trust that little voice within you that knows what to do so you can turn these soul whispers into action;
  • Answer the call of your soul and rediscover a deep intimacy with yourself so you can live a life in alignment with your values and dreams.

If so, I imagine that you want to…

  • Release the struggle with feeling stuck and frazzled which are holding you back from engaging with life on your own terms;
  • Discover ways to make space in your life for rest and reflection;
  • Experience and learn simple practices to ground and calm your body, mind and soul;
  • Know you’re not alone in experiencing life so darn intensely by feeling part of a sisterhood of like-souled women;
  • Awaken to your true potential through spiritual connection to enable you to pursue your path in life with joy.

… So you can make an inner, deep connection and come home to your soul so you can live your life as the confident, wise, radiant and magically divine being that you are.

You are:

  • Ready to commit to the inner work of personal and psychological growth and spiritual empowerment;
  • Actively engaged in your healing journey, value inner work and freedom, and understand there are no quick fixes with this work: it takes time, patience and understanding;
  • Willing and able to make the time to do the work and the practices I share.

We might love each other a lot if:

  • You’re interested in / intrigued by / open to Earth-based & Goddess spirituality and would love to forge a spiritual connection to the Earth, Moon, seasons and cycles, and the sacred feminine;
  • You’re fascinated by anything to do with the psyche and the soul;
  • You’re pretty grounded in your approach to emotional healing and spiritual development and know that all emotions are messengers, and you’re not going to get anywhere just trying to purge ‘negative’ emotions and blast through blocks with love and light;
  • You’re a bit of a hippy at heart, love to gaze at the moon, hug trees and talk to flowers and have a growing stack of oracle cards;
  • You’re deeply critical of today’s capitalist system and its planet-destroying and life-denying obsession with perpetual growth;
  • You’re not afraid to consider yourself a feminist and would love to dismantle patriarchy (even if just from your own head and life).

What next?

  1. Get a taster of this work and download the Soul Space Restful Nap meditation and receive Soul Wisdom Mail: my fortnightly email with valuable teaching & advice on the journey home to your soul.
  2. If you use Facebook join my Soul Space for Sensitives Community a space for highly sensitive women to share experience and ways to connect to your heart and nurture your soul.