Honour yourself through life’s sacred cycles

Stella Tomlinson, Priestess, author and poetTwice a month I send out Soul Notes – around the time of the dark and full moons.

They’re love notes written from my soul to yours about honouring yourself through the sacred cycles of life.

I’ll share my journey living a soul-led, creative life, honouring your body and life’s sacred cycles, in connection with Mother Earth, to inspire you on yours.

And when you sign-up to Soul Notes you’ll also receive access to the Mother Earth is Holding You meditation – an 11-minute soothing guided meditation designed to give you a short pause in your day to connect the feeling of being held by Mother Earth so you can relax and just be…

+ I’ll also share updates on my books and offerings and discount codes.

With love & blessings,
Stella xxx

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