Stress Relief for Sensitives Tool Kit & Ebook
Pathways to peace when your feelings & the world overwhelm you

Stress Relief for Sensitives Are you often told you’re too sensitive and need to toughen up? Do you feel your emotions deeply as well as picking up on other people’s moods and energy? Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed and misunderstood?

If so, then you’re likely to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and this tool kit will guide you from fretful stress to peaceful confidence.

In the Stress Relief for Sensitives tool kit you will discover insights and practices to help you thrive as an HSP. You will:

  • Learn about the trait of high sensitivity, and how it manifests in your body and mind, so you can understand its gifts as well as its challenges;
  • Explore “first aid” techniques and daily strategies to help you soothe your stress response and overcome overwhelm;
  • Connect to your heart’s energy as a source of comfort and guidance.

You’ll learn techniques and gain new perspectives on your sensitive nature so you can feel more peaceful, calm, grounded and confident.

Bring these practices into your daily life and you will discover a boundless inner source of peaceful resilience and heartfelt joy.

Whether you’re new to learning about the trait of high sensitivity or are consciously living as a highly sensitive person, this toolkit will improve your self-knowledge and teach you practical ways to deal with stress and overwhelm, offer you self-care techniques for daily life, and will guide you to connect to the deepest gifts of high sensitivity.

If you yearn to understand why you feel the way you do and are seeking pathways to peace, then this tool kit is for you.

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Stress Relief for Sensitives is for you if:

  • You often feel overwhelmed by this frantic world – you may experience anxiety, stress, depression and you have a nagging feeling there is more to life than the mainstream culture leads us to believe;
  • You identify as a highly sensitive person or if who think you might be;
  • You are ready to embrace your sensitivity by learning how to overcome the overwhelm that often accompanies this trait;
  • You have a highly sensitive person close to you in your life and want to learn more about the trait so you can support them to thrive.

What you’ll learn

When you buy this tool kit you will get immediate access to two videos and nine audio recordings of essential techniques to find relief from stress, tailored to your needs of a highly sensitive person.

The tool kit is in three sections: 

1. First Aid for Sensitives

There are times I’ve found, as a Highly Sensitive Person, that no matter how much you love your sensitivity and no matter how much you embrace its gifts, you just feel overwhelmed.

These are times for a bit of “HSP First Aid”: practical techniques you can use in the moment (or if you can, take yourself away for a few moments) to do something to bring a bit of balance to your frazzled nervous system.

They’re techniques to learn .

Once you’re familiar with them you will find yourself bringing them into use in your daily life.

  1. When your nerves feel jangled: Tap your stress away
    • Video 1: Simple Tapping Technique (7 mins)
    • Video 2: Full Energy Tapping Routine (21 mins)
  2. When you need to calm down now: Counted breathing (10 mins audio)
  3. When you’re stuck in your head: Four elements exercise (13 mins audio)
  4. When you’re feeling under attack: White light visualisation (7 mins audio)

2. Calm body/mind

As a highly sensitive person you’re processing all you experience deeply. This can lead to a sense of being stuck in your head; feelings of taking on other people’s energy; and perhaps a sense of being disconnected from your body.

Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to ground yourself. To come into the moment. Literally to connect to your body, breath and the earth beneath your feet.   And you also need ways to find peace with your mind! Because when your mind is constantly whirring this creates tension in your body.

These practices guide you to ground your energy by soothing your body and calming your mind.

There are two ways to use these practices.

You can fall back on them when you’re feeling stressed to help to alleviate stress/anxiety and to rebalance your nervous system. And you can also create a habit of doing them regularly to promote grounded calm.

  1. The core practice for HSPs to feel calm and present: Grounding (10 mins audio)
  2. Receive the healing power of rest: Yoga Nidra for safety and inner peace (31 mins audio)
  3. To help you sleep: Breath comforter technique (8 mins audio)

3. Look Within

One of the gifts of high sensitivity is the depth of feeling we experience.

So, develop and harness this superpower to counteract stress.

Here I’m sharing grounded spiritual practices which will help you to foster a sense of connection to a place within you which is deeper and wiser than your mind which ruminates and frets – to a place of intuitive guidance.

  1. Awaken to the gentle, loving energy of your heart: Heart Energy Activation (9.5 mins audio)
  2. Connect to inner wisdom: Heart’s Guidance meditation (8.5 mins audio)
  3. Invoke a nurturing energy to surround you with peaceful calm: Corona of light meditation (8 mins audio)


You will also receive, as a free bonus, a copy of the 60+page ebook Stress Relief for Sensitives which shares even more perspectives and practices as well as an in-depth section on ‘Understanding High Sensitivity’.

AND you’ll get free life-time access to any future updates to the book and tool kit.

How to buy the tool kit

Click the button below to buy the Stress Relief for Sensitives Tool Kt from my secure, safe online store.  You can pay by Paypal or debit/credit card.

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Once purchased you’ll be emailed the tool kit resources and ebook which you can download to your computer and/or mobile devices.

(The resources comes as mp3 files which you can listen to online or download to your computer or mobile device. The ebook is a printable PDF which you can view from or download to your computer or mobile device, and there’s an introductory booklet which contains links to the two videos.)

What do I sound like?

If you haven’t met me, or heard my voice before, you may be wondering something along the lines of “I like the sound of this tool kit, but what does she sound like? What if I don’t like her voice?!”

I get it! If you’re going to purchase nine recordings from me and two videos, you’re going to want to know that you get on with my voice and my energy!

So, here’s a sample – an added bonus for you, because this isn’t included in the tool kit.

Try me out! Listen to this 3-minute Grounding Meditation

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About the author

Stella Tomlinson is a writer, Priestess, experienced teacher of restful yoga and soulful meditation, energy healer, and author of Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace.

She’s a Highly Sensitive Person and has been exploring this trait, its challenges and gifts since 2015.

Stella guides highly sensitive, intuitive women who feel overwhelmed, self-doubting and misunderstood to find the inner peace and calm, radiant confidence they yearn for so they can live with peace and purpose.

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