Sacred Seasonal Celebrations: Meet the divine within~ Meet the divine within ~

Step off the treadmill of modern life and into a magical space of reconnection.

Connect to the energies and inspiration of nature as we move through the seasons … and meet the changing forms of the Goddess and the divine feminine within you.

Held in the calming and welcoming space of my home or nearby woodland these informal, gentle yet powerful Sacred Seasonal Celebrations offer a loving, inspiring, magical space for you reclaim a deep connection to ancient ways of knowing which have been forgotten in modern life.

Through meditation and simple yet profound ritual, Stella will guide you to connect to the elements of nature and to the inner wisdom you hold in every cell of your body so you can find a deep sense of healing, inspiration and transformation.

Come to a Sacred Seasonal Celebration if you would like to:

  • Explore Earth-based divine feminine spiritual connection as a route to healing and self-empowerment;
  • Connect to your heart and soul for inner guidance;
  • Share sacred space with joy and fun with like-souled women.

These ceremonies are particularly aimed at sensitives and empaths because we sensitives tend to be feel the changing and shifting energies of the seasons throughout the year, so it nourishes our mind, body and soul to consciously connect to and honour these natural rhythms.

We’re  wired to sense the more subtle – we intuitively feel and know there are subtle energies within and around us and feel drawn to connect to something beyond ourselves such as the web of life; nature; source; the divine … each of us senses this uniquely. These ceremonies offer you a space to make that connection.

What previous participants have said:

Stella provides a gentle and powerful space for healing, inspiration and transformation. ~ Felicity, Winchester – Beltane Ceremony attendee

I really enjoyed Stella’s Beltane ceremony, it was magical and fun. I got a lot out of it and felt in safe hands. Would love to go to another. ~ Sally, Fair Oak – Beltane & Lammas Ceremonies attendee

Stella is a very intuitive, lovely, genuine and natural teacher.  Her energy and approach enables people to access places within themselves with ease for their highest healing and good.  She explains everything very clearly and puts no pressure on people, with a light and fun attitude.  Whether you are wanting a great yoga teacher or someone to guide you with exploring and connecting to goddess energy, I highly recommend Stella.  ~ Anita, – Rediscover the Goddess workshop attendee

Forthcoming Sacred Seasonal Celebrations

Samhain Ceremony

Samhain Ceremony

Saturday 2nd November | 11am-2pm | My home, Bishopstoke near Eastleigh | £15

The Wheel of the Year turns, and we arrive at the end of October and Samhain (pronounced Sow-en): where we meet the Crone Goddess. Wise. Still. Deeply knowing for she has seen it all and more! We meet her in nature … and in ourselves.

This is a sacred time of transformation. A time of connecting to our ancestors. A time of deeply letting go and just being. A time to look within and feel the wisdom of our intuition.

In this small-group sacred ceremony you will guided by Stella, through meditation and beautiful simple yet profound ritual, to connect to the energies of:

  • Inner guidance and intuition
  • Descent and letting go
  • Ancestral wisdom

Come to this Celebration if you would like to:

  • Connect to the ancient wise woman within you – no matter your age!
  • Explore Earth-based divine feminine spiritual connection as a route to healing and self-empowerment
  • Share sacred space with joy and fun with like-souled women

The event itself will last 11am-1pm approx then we’ll share food and chat – an important grounding exercise after the healing, inspiring, transforming work of the ceremony!

£15, must be booked in advance

About your guide

I’m Stella Tomlinson and I work with highly sensitive, intuitive women like you, who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and misunderstood and I help you to experience the inner peace and calm confidence you yearn for, so you can access your inner wisdom and turn your soul’s whispers into action.

I’ll guide you to reconnect to the inner intuitive guidance available to you through the sacred temple of your body; the wise whispers of your heart and soul; and the divine feminine energies of the seasons and cycles of life as a grounded spiritual practice.

And in doing so you’ll find clarity of mind, grounded inner peace, self-acceptance, a confident mindset, spiritual nourishment, and you’ll feel in flow with life.

I take a grounded spiritual approach to emotional healing and self-empowerment based on what I have studied, learned and practised on my own journey over these last  20 years. I am a Priestess of the Goddess Brighid (in training), an experienced Dru Meditation & Yoga teacher, a writer (author of ‘Peace Lies Within’), and an energy worker/healer through energy medicine techniques, energy tapping (aka Energy Emotional Freedom Technique or Energy EFT) and Elemental Healing.

~ Let me guide you home to your soul so you can live with peace and purpose ~