Relaxation in Southampton & Eastleigh with Stella
Learn the art of calm with relaxing yoga classes in Southampton and Eastleigh.

Free relaxation audios to give yourself the gift of some precious me-time.

Your poor over-taxed nervous system is constantly bombarded with pressure, demands, deadlines, meeting other people’s needs. Add to that the layers of anxiety you may self-generate worrying about the past and the future, and it’s a recipe for chronic physical tension and total exhaustion.

If you’re stressed, anxious and exhausted, you need to relax. Your body needs it. Your mind needs it. You know I’m speaking the truth here!

It’s time to make some time for YOU.   Know that you CAN take back control and learn to relax.

So, to help you, I have created these relaxations for you to follow.

Find somewhere quiet. Switch off the phone. Close the door. And get ready to relax…

1. Deep Relaxation

My signature relaxation – 17 minutes of peace and quiet for you.
Get your deep relaxation.

2. Release and Let Go Relaxation

A simple technique to focus your mind on letting go of physical tension and bothersome thoughts.

Listen (5 mins 55 sec):

Download as an mp3: Release & Let Go Relaxation

Music: Flute and Tampura from Vayu by Dru Yoga Worldwide.

3. Breathe into Stillness

Listen (9 mins 39 sec):

Download as an mp3: Breathe into stillness

4. Relax and let go

…And a video on how to breathe

Not strictly a guided relaxation, but if you can remember to breathe deeply it will help you to feel calm!

Relaxation guide

Relaxation guide (PDF) for tips and exercises to help you relax each day.

Want to experience regular relaxation?

Come to one of my relaxing yoga classes in Southampton and Eastleigh and experience mindful movement, breathing and relaxation for release and calmness.

Check my class timetable: relaxing yoga in Southampton and Eastleigh and take a look at my upcoming workshops.