Give yourself some precious me-time to feel calm, clear and relaxed…

Relaxation in Southampton & Eastleigh with Stella: feel calm, clear & relaxed

Life is so busy isn’t it? Demands of work, demands of family, demands of 24/7 communication…

Do you sit too long all day so your back aches, and your shoulders are up around your ears, and you feel stiff, tired and stressed by the time you get home?

Does your mind constantly run away with all the things you need to do and you find it difficult to switch off and your sleep is disturbed?

Maybe you feel like you’re on a treadmill. You’re tired. You’re stressed. And you don’t know how to break this cycle.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to make some time for YOU.   Know that you CAN take back control and learn to relax.

To help you I’ve created this tool kit to give you a range of tools you can incorporate into daily life to help you to ease tension, and induce your body’s relaxation response; to move you gently away from the fearful thoughts and into the here and now; and to reconnect body and mind so you feel present and grounded.

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