~ Whispers From Mother Earth: Poems and prayers of healing, inspiration and transformation ~

Whispers from mother earth book at the base of a tree

Whispers from Mother Earth is a collection of poems and prayers that are a potent tool for healing and transformation.

These captivating poems and compelling prayers are suitable not only for your own reflective reading but also for sharing in women’s circles, meditation groups, ritual and ceremonies.

This collection inspires you to connect to the loving presence of Mother Earth that is always around you, and to remember that She is always speaking to you and through you.

She who is Mother Earth. The Great Mother. Goddess.

Woman, She is in YOU, in your bones, blood and breath.
She whispers to your heart and through your soul.

For She is always present, calling you back to Her love.

Whispers from Mother Earth shares poems and prayers as whispers from Her and words of devotion to Her.

In this book you will discover over 40 poems and prayers, reflecting different aspects of Goddess:

  • Goddess Whispers: direct messages to you from Her
  • Blood & moon cycles: on menstrual & lunar energies
  • Seasons of the year: a journey through spring, summer, autumn & winter
  • Inner Council of Wise Women: connect to archetypes of Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen & Crone
  • Elements: honouring earth, water, fire, air & spirit
  • Soul: whispers from the seat of the divine within us

Read them. Meditate with them. Receive them.

Let Mother Earth whisper Her blessings to you.

If you feel called to connect to Goddess and the sacred cycles of life, then this book is for you.

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Praise for ‘Whispers From Mother Earth’

From 5-star reviews on Amazon:

I love this book so much
I bought this book recently as have read Peace Lies Within from the same author which was so lovely …
This does not disappoint as I dip in on a daily basis and get much inspiration and comfort from the Author’s wonderful prose ~ Kerala02

A Beautiful and Inspirational Book
I love this book. Beautifully written, Whispers from Mother Earth really captures the essence of the healing power of embracing nature and living in harmony with her. A great companion to dip into for insight, inspiration and support, even on the busiest of days. Thank you Stella for sharing your wisdom. ~ Susan H

Words of wisdom to help every day
Stella has a beautiful writing style that is so easy to follow. There are words of wisdom to live every day life by and I found myself nodding in agreement to so many of the poems and other parts of this book. It is very easy to dip in and out of and find something to apply to whatever is going on in your life and the time. ~ Sez86

Readings from the book

I’ll be adding more as I record them…

About the author

Stella Tomlinson Soul Sanctuary Priestess

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I’m an author, meditation guide and Priestess.

I guide sensitive, soulful women who feel called to explore divine feminine and nature spirituality to reconnect to the sacred cycles of their body, the moon and the seasons, and the whispers of their soul. And in doing so you can answer the call of your soul and live a life in alignment with your values and dreams.

My work blends the wisdom of nature with restful dream meditation and simple ritual for emotional healing, soul vision and creative inspiration.

I’m also the author of Peaces Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace.

Praise for ‘Peace Lies Within’

From reviews on Amazon:

In these uncertain times, when it can be difficult to face the world with equanimity, I have found Stella’s book to be a prescription for finding calmness and composure particularly when dealing with challenging situations/people. ~ Kate Dickens

I will be eternally grateful for this book. It feels as though it was written especially for me! It is helping me accept that however I feel it’s okay and to learn strategies and use mantra’s to find peace and acceptance. ~ Mandy Woolmore

Peace Lies Within, is a wonderfully inspiring, honest and self soothing book. It can be read as a whole or dipped into for daily suggestions of focus. ~ Kathryn Barton

I love this book! It inspires me every day to look within and each day I find a little more peace. If you open a page at random, you will find just what you need for the day ahead. Stella is honest and gives out so much kindness to help us all. Go on and try it, you will not be disappointed! ~ L B Crouch