“Stella is a very intuitive, lovely, genuine and natural teacher. Her energy and approach enables people to access places within themselves with ease for their highest healing and good.” Anita.

“Stella’s beautiful soul and calming realism has helped me step by step to find the way out of a long dark tunnel. Given me the tools to self soothe and find peace and strength to deal with day to day life. I love her approach and realistic view of life and how to enable her students. A truly beautiful lady with an open, giving and welcoming heart.” Dee, Eastleigh.

“Stella provides a gentle and powerful space for healing, inspiration and transformation.” Felicity, Winchester.

Praise for Whispers From Mother Earth

5-star reviews from Amazon

Inspirational, beautiful, comforting
I love Stella`s book, I really recommend to have `Whisper from Mother Earth’ beside your altar, bedside table and in your bag. It is full of wonderful goddess poems, prayers and inspirational words about Goddess, the Great Mother. After I read the book I started to use it as a daily kind of ‘Oracle reading’: I intuitively open the book and meditate over the words or poem I found and use them for guidance or inspiration. ~ Michaela Cordes

Subtle, elegant and profound
A precious gem. Stella’s words must be read slowly, savouring their subtle texture. Ideal to go deeper into meditation, to remember your own connection with Mother Earth, your cyclical wisdom and the love of the Goddess. I am a yoga teacher and I have read some of Stella’s poems in my classes to the delight of my clients. Highly recommended. ~ Veronica Layunta-Maurel

Heart felt wisdom
A gorgeous piece of work with deep heart felt wisdom. This book is helping me to understand sacred cycles and connections to goddess. A must for anyone feeling the call to explore the divine feminine and nature spirituality. ~ Kerry

Read this over and over to find comfort and strength
The book is fabulous!!! It has poems and meaning and truth, it shows how we are connected to the seasons & the moon and brings to light the beauty Mother Earth bestowed on us. It’s truly uplifting and let’s you feel the power of being a woman. Truly a book you could re-read again and again and take away something new each time. ~ Jenn E

I love this book so much
I bought this book recently as have read Peace Lies Within from the same author which was so lovely …
This does not disappoint as I dip in on a daily basis and get much inspiration and comfort from the Author’s wonderful prose ~ Kerala02

A Beautiful and Inspirational Book
I love this book. Beautifully written, Whispers from Mother Earth really captures the essence of the healing power of embracing nature and living in harmony with her. A great companion to dip into for insight, inspiration and support, even on the busiest of days. Thank you Stella for sharing your wisdom. ~ Susan H

Words of wisdom to help every day
Stella has a beautiful writing style that is so easy to follow. There are words of wisdom to live every day life by and I found myself nodding in agreement to so many of the poems and other parts of this book. It is very easy to dip in and out of and find something to apply to whatever is going on in your life and the time. ~ Sez86

Soul Space participants

Attendees from Soul Space Autumn Haven 2018 said:

  • “It exceeded my expectations! Stella facilitated a cosy, safe environment to enable us to leave feeling restored, grounded, tuned in to my intuition and fully connected with the earth. I have left feeling self aware, inspired and relaxed.”
  • “It made me feel grounded. Very relaxing and encourages confidence in oneself when one has doubts how you should live your life”.
  • “It was a very peaceful, comfortable and relaxing session, which gave me time out just to focus on me.”
  • “Fabulous afternoon of time out and cannot fail to feel more relaxed by the end! Tools for life!”
  • “Provides you with time and permission to ground, slow and embrace my sensitivity. Brilliant!”
  • “It reminds me that there is nothing wrong with me, and I should be much kinder to myself than I am! I need to listen to my own wisdom and act upon it”.

Attendees from Soul Space Dream your Soulful Vision for 2019 said:

  • “It’s a beautiful space created and facilitated by Stella … It focuses your soul on its specific journey and I feel invigorated, inspired and blessed by the experience.”
  • “The space is empowering, positive, supportive, accessible for those feeling nervous and profound for those seeking deepened connections. A grounding, helpful and FANTASTIC way to start a new moon cycle and new calendar year.”
  • “Rarely do we get a chance to stop and really listen to our heart’s desires. The answers can be a pleasant surprise!”
  • “It helped you to connect to what your heart desires! And it gets you out of your head.”
  • “A lovely friendly place to reflect and take time to look after yourself. I will most definitely go to another class in 2019. Thank you.”
  • “It was a little piece of heaven – a time to stop and reflect. Very uplifting.”
  • “In a busy world, this has been time to process how I REALLY feel and what I want. So many useful tools I’ll be using at home. Thank you!”

Attendees from Soul Space Spring Awakening 2019 said:

  • “I felt peaceful, relaxed and much more focused at the end of the session and I am more resolute in what I want to do. Thank you.” Anon
  • “Stella’s empowering, symbolic and reassuring facilitation has helped me focus on igniting passion within me and moving forward to enable my soul’s yearning. Thank you!” Kate.
  • “Wonderful to have time and space to connect inwards. Supportive, loving space to be” Anon
  • “You do not need to be experienced. I have never done anything like this before and felt very comfortable in every situation” Anon
  • “Stella provides a beautiful space and experience for oneself to explore and share one’s soul, its needs and desires” Anon
  • “It was a joyful and grounding afternoon – a perfect escape and reset for spring” Patricia
  • “It was a rare time just for me, a time for reflection and it made me feel calm, connected and energised” Anon
  • “It is a safe connecting space where I can come to ground myself and listen to the voice of my inner guidance. It also gives me insight on how to move forward and to take action. Thank you Stella”. Cristina
  • “It is a safe space for reflection” Anon