Stella Tomlinson, Priestess, author and poet

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I am an author, Priestess and soul guide, helping women who are seeking spiritual direction to feel grounded in the loving presence of Mother Earth so they can awaken to their potential and live in alignment with the truth of who they are.

I believe that this world and this life is an enchanting place of magic and wonder, possibility and potential.

All things in it have a soul and all is connected.

And if we can just open up our minds and hearts to remember this then we could engage with the world in ways which engender peace, joy and freedom for all existences.

But instead we find ourselves existing in an age of disenchantment where most of us are disconnected from our souls, the souls of all things, and the soul of the world, trapped in a collective nightmare that keeps us locked into being disengaged, inward-focused, self-serving, docile consumers.


Because we’re living under a capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy.

And it’s turned us into consumers who are in constant competition with each other while oppressing, harming even killing anything which does not look like it: white, heterosexual and male. All for the sake of its own profit.

What’s more, it views nature as a resource to be plundered and is unceasing in its greed for more.

It’s destroying the planet and crushing the human soul.

How do we counter this?

I believe an important step is to re-enchant ourselves. To choose to participate whole-heartedly in the many and rich layers of this embodied and creative life.

Re-enchant your life

Here’s how I’m doing this.

If this resonates, perhaps you’d like to join me?

1. Slow Down

Living at a hundred miles an hour just to stand still, where each day is a blur of keeping up with the demands on your time and attention, is no way to live.

The blizzard of media and technology and all the stimuli which distract you contribute to exhaustion. I know that it all seems essential or perhaps it’s a distraction from anxiety or emotional wounds and trauma. But your nervous systems can’t take it. You’ll burn out.

So slow down. Put your phone down or look away from whatever is distracting you. Look out of the window. Breathe. Make space for magic.

2. Cultivate Enoughness

Perpetual economic growth and the cult of more is destroying our habitat.

If you are in the position of having more than enough to survive and thrive, then I invite you to identify your “enoughness”. What are your values? How do you want to live? What lifestyle would nourish your soul? And then identify what you really need to live like this. How much money would be enough? What material goods would be enough?

When it comes down to the root of things: what really matters to you? What lights up your heart and fulfills the longings of your soul? And let that be enough.

3. Be Embodied

Remember you’re more than a brain and your thoughts. You have a body. No matter your health, it’s an amazing human body which offers you its guidance and wisdom through your emotions and feelings and intuition. It offers you the treasure of pleasures through your senses.

Come home to your body. Come home to yourself.

4. Embrace Cyclic Living

Nature is a constant spiral of the cycle of birth, death and regeneration. You live through these cycles through the seasons, the lunar month, the menstrual cycle, the dance of day and night, and through your inhale and exhale.

Reclaim your connection to the cycles of life for healing and transformation, and reject the linear growth model that is destroying the planet.

5. Rest

Rest is essential for all human beings to thrive. When you stop doing you can experience the deep peace of just being, and reconnect to the pulse of Mother Earth.

Quit the grind and hustle, and rest. You will quieten the mind and be able to hear the wise whispers of your soul.

And then, all in good time, you can rise up, well-rested, to take action on this guidance and live your life in alignment with your deepest desires.

6. Day-Dream

The ability to dream is a sacred gift.

Lifted up on the wings of imagination you can access truths and perspectives and wisdom and insight which are not available to you in your everyday waking state.

Learn how to surf the wild liminal edges between wakefulness and sleep and access a treasure trove of creativity you never knew existed.

7. Build a Relationship with Nature

See the life that is all around you. Build a relationship with this beautiful animate Earth you live in. You are a part of nature too.

Talk to trees, sing to a songbird, listen to the whispering wind and the rippling river, say hello to the flowers as they grow and bloom. See messages in the stars and acknowledge the presence of the planets. Howl to the moon.

You may be surprised what they have to say to you – and you’ll never feel alone again.

8. Nurture the Numinous

Open to the sacred divine magic, wonder and awe, that is in you and all around you.

Embrace mystery and cultivate curiosity for what you think you don’t understand but can feel anyway.

Nurture however you find your sense of the sacred in life.

9. Create Meaning

Create simple rituals and ceremonies which have meaning for you.

Live life with intention and mark rites of passage, recognize the seasons and the phases of the moon. Honour crises and healings. Celebrate achievements. Go on pilgrimages on the land or in your heart.

Celebrate your life.

Take the next step: listen for your Soul Whispers

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