~ Reflections on Solstice energy, how we embody nature’s cycles,
and a simple yet profound breath practice to connect to the seasons ~

Seasons of the year on one tree

Last Friday I submitted the final draft of my next book to my publisher!

It’s been an 18-month+ process of writing, pitching the idea, waiting, writing, more writing, more waiting, lots and lots of editing and rewriting … until getting the “yes” I’d dreamed of.

But now it’s complete. And that feels good.

It’s called Cycles of Belonging: A guide for women to honour the divine feminine through the sacred cycles and seasons of life.

It offers an embodied feminine and feminist psycho-spiritual path guiding women to reclaim their truth and power and to come home to a profound sense of belonging to the seasons and cycles of life, rooted deeply in connection to self, sisterhood and the web of life.

It’s all about connecting to the cycle of the breath, the day, the menstrual cycle, the moon, the seasons, and life cycle archetypes of the maiden, lover, mother, queen and crone.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty of work to do yet in terms of marketing plans and activities.

But it feels rather timely that I’ve got to this point as we approach the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere.

In these sacred cycles I’m talking about, the Summer Solstice is like the top of the inhale – a moment of fullness, completion and joy … before the exhale of the year begins.

(And if you’re in the southern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice offers the opposite – the empty, still pause at the end of the exhale … before the inhale of the rebirth of the year arrives.)

Be Held by Her Cycles

These cycles of inhale and exhale; spring, summer, autumn and winter; rebirth, growth, fullness, release and death are always with us, always working through us.

This is the energy of the Sacred Feminine, of the Great Mother, holding us in Her dance of life.

I believe this knowledge and yearning to connect to the cycles and seasons of nature is in our bones, and in the wisdom of our blood.

It’s something from which so many of us have become disconnected in modern life – but to which more and more of us are feeling called to reconnect so we can reclaim the fullness of ourselves, the Sacred Feminine and the ability to participate wholeheartedly in the many and rich layers of this embodied and magical life.

Do you feel it too?

That yearning to come home to the felt-sense that you are part of nature and that all of life is connected and held in an invisible web of being that is awe-inspiring and magical to behold?

For living in rhythm with life’s sacred cycles brings healing and wholeness. It reconnects you to the presence and grace held in the moment, and to the ever-unfolding flow of life.

It brings peace and authenticity to nourish your heart and soul.

Breathe with Nature

The simplest way to connect to the ebb and flow of these sacred cycles is through your breath.

Take a moment to experience this now.

Notice the natural, quiet pause at the end of each out-breath…

Can you sense it as being like the wintertime of the breath?

Then as the breath comes in it’s like the spring of the breath … and it builds up to the fullness of summer…

… and then there’s a turning and falling away as the breath turns to go out, like the leaves falling off the trees in autumn…

… and then there you are again in the wintertime of the exhalation where all is still and all is quiet… Ready to receive a new spring…

…and the cycle begins again…

Let each breath bring you into a profound connection to the nature of life.

Breathe in through spring and summer, breathe out through autumn and winter.

Remind yourself that life ebbs and flows – that you ebb and flow. Your emotional states and energy levels are not meant to be static.

And ground yourself in the cyclic nature of life, honouring how you embody nature and the seasons.

Can you surrender to the cyclic intelligence of your body and soul?


Over the coming months and year I’ll be teaching and sharing more about these topics, as a path of grounded, healing spirituality honouring nature’s cycles and the callings of the soul.

May you feel the presence of the Great Mother, holding you in Her love.

With love & peaceful blessings,
Stella x

P.S. Cycles of Belonging will be out in early spring 2022, published by Womancraft Publishing, and pre-orders will open later this year.

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Stella Tomlinson Soul Sanctuary PriestessHi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I share a path of grounded, healing spirituality honouring nature’s cycles and the callings of the soul.

I support women who experience the world and their emotions intensely to help them feel “Held by Her” – the loving, healing and empowering presence of Mother Earth within and all around us, so you can discover the strengths in your sensitivities and feel free to be you.

I’m a Priestess, author & poet and experienced soulful meditation guide.

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