Stella Tomlinson on the Prompted by Nature podcast

I was really honoured to be invited onto the wonderful Prompted by Nature podcast this February to talk about Priestesshood and Earth-Based Spirituality,
with the podcast host and outdoor meditation & creative writing guide, Helen Forester.

We covered all sorts of fascinating topics including:

  • My path and how I came to be a Priestess
  • What a Priestess is
  • My study of Druidry and how it complements my work as a Priestess of Brigid
  • Ancestral and indigenous wisdom and the importance of connecting my spiritual practice with my ancestry
  • My earliest memory of nature
  • How I use my menstrual cycle to connect with nature
  • How these internal cycles link with my creativity and my writing process
  • The triple goddess archetypes and why I work with the five goddess aspects
  • How the writing process of each of my three books differed
  • How I overcome imposter syndrome
  • The process of self-publishing and why I chose to approach a publisher for my third book
  • How I look after myself and my own creativity
  • What my path has taught me and my hope for the future

Listen to it wherever you listen to podcasts by searching for “Prompted by Nature”.

OR, listen to the interview here

Find out more about Helen’s writing retreats and online classes at Prompted by Nature & listen to more episodes of the podcast.

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Priestesshood and Earth-Based Spirituality: Interview on the Prompted by Nature podcast
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