How is your heart feeling today?

As I write, my heart is feeling a tad fluttery (emotionally, that is). Yesterday it felt rather heavy. With this ongoing pandemic I think we’re all going through constant ups and downs at the moment. And you know what? That’s a perfectly natural response.

We’re living with such uncertainty at the moment (particularly in the UK…). One minute the vaccines are going to bring back “normal” (whatever that is), the next minute we’re hearing some of them may not work against virus mutations…

And here in England we’re still in our third Covid-induced lock down … <Sigh>

Recently I was invited onto BBC Radio Solent, to chat with Katie Martin on her breakfast show, to offer listeners some ‘soul wisdom’ on how can we look forward with hope, even if there doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to.

At first I scratched my head as to what on Earth I could possibly say… but then I looked out of the window and saw some crocuses just starting to come into bud in my garden.

Yellow crocus bud in the snow
Life finds its way

And my energy shifted as this thought emerged in my mind: “life always finds its way”.

And it surely does… Look to what’s going on in nature around you and you will see life finding its way. Here in the northern hemisphere we’ve just passed Imbolc – the first day of spring in the Celtic tradition. Life is returning, renewing, re-emerging. The days are perceptibly longer. Tree buds are forming on otherwise bare branches…

And even though much of the UK has had snow in the past few days and it feels we’re in winter’s grip – still the pulse of life is moving through its natural cycles as daffodil foliage is rising, snowdrops are dancing, crocuses are budding up.

Spring ALWAYS follows winter.

So even if you feel like you’re in the depths of winter emotionally or spiritually, how would it be to trust that an inner spring will arrive eventually? It might not be today. Or tomorrow. But surely it will come.

This is the profound spiritual lesson Mother Earth teaches us. Life moves in cycles. Life finds its ways to renew. There is no rush. It has its own divine, mysterious timing. But, for sure, you can trust that rebirth follows death; spring follows winter; hope and renewal follow grief…

So how would it be to trust in Mother Earth to hold you and support you and to guide you on your way? Feeling into this knowledge brings me much comfort, solace and hope when I’m feeling troubled.

My dearest wish is that these words will land in your heart and remind you of the soul medicine that connecting to Mother Earth may bring you.

This is an example of a Soul Note that I email out fortnightly-ish, around the time of the waning and full moons.

It’s not a newsletter. They’re love notes written from my soul to yours about what’s going on in my life and soul, realizations I’ve had and mystical musings about nurturing the numinous – the sacred & divine – in our lives.

I’ll tell you a story of how it is to live a soul-led creative life, honouring Mother Earth, your body and life’s sacred cycles, as a woman in this world.

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Hi, I’m Stella and I’m a Priestess of the Goddess Brighid, an author and poet, and an experienced creative meditation guide. I help women find peace, purpose and trust in life through nurturing a spiritual connection with Mother Earth.

My latest book is called ‘Whispers From Mother Earth: Poems and prayers of healing, inspiration and transformation’.

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[Crocus image credit: Pixabay]


Finding Hope in Difficult Times
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