Find out all about the Dark Moon and Her medicine.

The Dark Moon phase of the lunar cycle offers stillness: we’re in the void.

Dark moon
This Dark Moon time is the liminal space between the end of the current lunar cycle and the beginning of the new phase with the coming of the New Moon.

A space of death. Of nothingness. Of stillness.

(It’s also the energy you might feel just before the blood arrives at menstruation.)

It can feel intense – overwhelming even.

We high sensitives will tend to feel this more deeply than most.

So, if you’re feeling it, go easy on yourself. Rest, if you can. Or if you can’t, accept that you may feel a little tired / intense / fractious today.

And be kind to yourself.

Here is some of the special healing medicine the each Dark Moon offers us.

Dark moon energies

  • The Dark Moon completes a lunar cycle and is the liminal space between the end of the old cycle and the rebirth of the new
  • This time invites you to pause, absorb and reflect on what you have learned and gained in the previous cycle, and to bring it to a close
  • Energies of death, stillness and reflection
  • Correspondences: Crone / winter / menstruation

Healing gifts of the Dark Moon

  • Stopping and resting – give yourself a break
  • Introspection and reflection
  • Healing replenishment
  • Sleep and dreams
  • Inner vision and soul guidance

Shadow energies of the Dark Moon

  • Getting stuck in this space – especially if, like me, you love to rest and dream!
  • Resistance to this energy – wanting to jump into the next moon phase, and so not allowing yourself the replenishment and rejuvenation that this dark time gifts you.
  • Despondency / depressive feelings – the energy of ending, surrendering to death and darkness is intense and it’s there even if we don’t consciously acknowledge it. Being conscious of the energy of the Dark Moon means you’re less likely to be floored by it, and when you truly understand that death is an essential part of the cycle of life then this part of the lunar phase becomes a gift and not something to fear.

How to work with the Dark Moon

  • Work with the Dark Moon on the day/evening before the New Moon.
  • Gift yourself some time to do nothing. Nap. Day-dream. Embrace this liminal space and let your inner vision and wisdom speak to you.
  • Listen to the Dark Moon meditation in this Moon Wisdom Meditations Tool Kit
  • Moon-Inspired Essential Oils: Frankincense – inspires spiritual truth and inner light

Soul Reflection journal prompts

Take a few moments out from your day.

Breathe deeply. Get your journal (or however you may like to record ideas and inspirations). Light a candle. Connect to your heart and soul.

So, ask yourself these questions … and let whatever answers arise bubble up. Don’t censor them. There may be words, images, feelings… let them come. And enquire into their deeper meanings.

  • What did you accomplish this month? What went well?
  • What did you struggle with? What frustrations and irritations were noteworthy?
  • How can you grow from these challenges, struggles, frustrations or irritations?
  • What lessons did you learn this lunar month? And what wisdom are you taking forward into the next cycle?

A Dark Moon Blessing

May the Dark Moon bless you with Her wisdom and knowing and may you find the answers you are looking for within your heart and soul.

A note on the New Moon & Dark Moon

Dark night sky at the Dark MoonI’ve found that what most people refer to as the New Moon gets a bit confused with the Dark Moon.

Astronomically the New Moon occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun.

With the three bodies being in approximate alignment only the rear side of the Moon (facing away from Earth) is illuminated by the Sun – no light is reflected from the Moon to us here on Earth, so the Moon appears dark.

This is a point of zero light and visibility of the Moon. This is what, from an energetic and spiritual perspective, can be termed the Dark Moon.

The Dark Moon’s energy is very different from that of the New Moon.

The Dark Moon offers stillness and reflection. It marks the end of the cycle.

From this perspective, the New Moon occurs as the first sliver of moonlight appears.

The New Moon marks the start of a new cycle and new beginnings.

As an aside, I find it interesting the Dark Moon is so often overlooked and elided with the New Moon.

Perhaps this is, in part, because our modern culture seems to have a morbid fear of the dark and death. The Dark Moon is the death of the life cycle of each moon journey. And so in ignoring this phase we are ignoring the death phase of the moon cycle – erasing the invitation to let die what needs to die in our life. By jumping straight into the possibility and creativity of the New Moon we miss out on the uncomfortable gifts of descending to the underworld – that temple below – of the Dark Moon.

But don’t just take my word for it: feel into the energies yourself and find what resonates with you.

So, personally, and to keep things simple, I mark the Dark Moon on the evening before the New Moon and connect to the New Moon on the day/evening of the New Moon itself.

Next Steps…. Moon Wisdom Meditations

Moon Wisdom MeditationsIf you’d like to learn to tune into the guidance of the Moon and turn your intuition into inspired action, then take a look at the Moon Wisdom Meditation Tool Kit.

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