May 1st brings the Celtic festival of Beltane (November in the Southern Hemisphere).
The word Beltane comes from Celtic God ‘Bel’ which means ‘the bright one’, and the Gaelic word ‘teine’ which means ‘fire’, so Beltane (also spelled Beltaine) could be translated as ‘Bright Fire’ – which sums up the energy of this time of year!

Beltane BlessingsBeltane marks the blossoming time of the year. In nature it’s the most active part of the growth cycle. All of life is bursting with the power of its potential.

It’s a time of becoming and birthing.

Animals and birds are having their young, flowers are bursting into bloom, and birdsong fills the air.

Beltane is all about passion and life, fecundity and creativity. Passion, joy and vitality. Courage and empowerment.

Ideas to honour Beltane

Connect to Beltane by connecting to your senses.

Beltane energy invites us to reconnect to and inhabit your physical body and also to explore what we want and desire.

Walk with mindful attention to all that your senses are taking in – the feeling of walking; the sounds you can hear whether they’re coming from birdsong, the rustle of the breeze in the leaves, or traffic noise or the sound of other humans going about their daily life. Notice the scents and smells. Really look at what’s going on around you – see it, study it as if you’ve never seen it before.

Dance – work up a sweat and feel your heart beating. Put on some high energy music and move your body.

Get a massage – nurture the sacred temple of your body through healing and therapeutic touch. Or massage yourself – rub over the tops of shoulders, massage your scalp, massage your hands and feet.

Connect to the senses. How can you give them a feast? Give them colour to light up your heart. Listen to music or birdsong. Explore the scents of essential oils and diffuse them in your home. Get tactile. Cook your favourite most flavour-some food.

Explore your body as a vessel for the Goddess. Dress in your favourite clothes. Move sensually – remember that you have a body. Live in it! Come down from living in the top two inches of your body (i.e. your brain/mind) and remember you have limbs, and bones and muscles. Your body is intelligent and wise. Listen to its messages. Act on what you need to sustain and honour your body.

Explore your sexuality – with your partner, or on your own.

Explore your creativity. Write. Paint. Draw. Make music. Sing. Forget perfection (or even competence!) – just do it and enjoy whatever noise or mess you make!

Connect to desire. Spend 20 minutes, an hour or even a day just asking yourself: “What do I want to do now?” And do it. Careful you don’t slip into “what should I do” or “what would would be the best use of my time?”, no, this is about tapping into your wants and desires, and giving yourself permission to have them. Maybe you want to have a nap. Maybe you want to scream and pummel a pillow to release anger and frustration. Maybe you want to go for a walk. Maybe you want to eat ice-cream. Tap into whether following this want will truly bring you joy – or is it just to numb out uncomfortable feelings of not knowing what you want. Be present with yourself as you fulfill your desire. Enjoy it. Or notice if it wasn’t truly what you want.

Beltane offers you the opportunity to explore your senses and your desires, and to offer yourself the invitation to allow yourself to have desires.

Honour your senses. Honour your desires. Honour life: this precious gift you have been given.

A Beltane Blessing

May you receive the blessings of courage and freedom.

And may you love and appreciate yourself this day and every day.

About Stella

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I guide women awakening to the call to reconnect to the sacred cycles of nature to find calm and meaning in this age of anxiety.

I guide women who feel called to explore divine feminine and nature spirituality to reconnect to the sacred cycles of their body, the moon and the seasons, so you can come home to feeling at ease with yourself and to living with a profound sense of meaning, magic and possibility.

Experience restful meditation and learn embodied spiritual practices grounded in the truth of nature, your body and female empowerment.

I am a teacher, writer, creatrix and Priestess, guiding you home to yourself and a deep, peaceful sense of belonging … and to be kind to yourself.

Bright Beltane Blessings of passion & life!
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