I wrote this poem one day in May a few years ago.

It’s been published in the May/June 2020 edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine  and it also appears in my book Whispers From Mother Earth.

And now I’d love to share it with you.

Let my heart speak to yours…


Come Back to Your Heart

Heart made from flowersCome back to your heart

When your mind is racing

And you don’t know which way to turn.


Come back to your heart

When you’re lost and lonely

And fear hope will never return.


Come back to your heart

Even if it feels it’s breaking

Through loss and grief and doubt.


Come back to your heart

If anger blinds you

And you want to stamp and scream and shout.


For in your heart is strength and wisdom

To guide you along the way.


In your heart is love unwavering,

Bringing light to the darkest day.


In your heart is enough kindness and compassion

All fears and doubts to soothe.


In your heart is trust and connection

To help you see the truth.


Slow down, breathe and quietly listen

To the whispers of your soul.


Telling you that you are love and you are loved,

You are perfect, radiant and whole.


So, come back to your heart,

The centre of love within you,

Whenever you feel alone.


Come back to your heart,

The wellspring of healing within you,

And let it welcome you home.

About Stella

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I guide women awakening to the call to reconnect to the sacred cycles of nature.

I guide women who feel called to explore divine feminine and nature spirituality to reconnect to the sacred cycles of their body, the moon and the seasons, so you can come home to feeling at ease with yourself and to living with a profound sense of meaning, magic and possibility in this age of anxiety.

Experience restful meditation and learn embodied spiritual practices grounded in the truth of nature, your body and female empowerment.

I am a teacher, writer, creatrix and Priestess, guiding you home to yourself and a deep, peaceful sense of belonging.


[Floral Heart picture credit: Unsplash / Susn Matthiessen]

Come Back to Your Heart
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