I get it. I experience it. I totally understand. Life can feel challenging for us highly sensitive people.  

Being sensitive can feel like a curse.

If you’re highly sensitive, you feel everything intensely, and it can be overwhelming.

You can feel like you’re a square peg in the round hole of our culture.

The word “sensitive” is used as an insult. You may often feel misunderstood and overlooked.

As a sensitive, you can feel different to everyone else.

The anxious reactions. The sense of being on edge. Noticing subtleties to which other people seem oblivious.  Feeling overwhelmed by emotion. You might feel there’s something wrong with you. You may wish you could just toughen up and cope with life better. You may even believe that you are broken.

I write this to you, because I’ve felt it too.

How does being highly sensitive feel for you? 

There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just highly sensitive

But I feel it is SO important to recognize that, despite these challenging feelings, there’s nothing wrong with HSPs.

It’s not a syndrome, nor is it a condition to be cured or managed.

The way I see it, some people have brown hair, others blonde. Some people have blue eyes, others brown. Some people have a highly sensitive nervous system; others don’t.

But because we live in a noisy, overstimulating world we HSPs often feel anxious and stressed and overwhelmed because our nervous system reaches saturation point long before that of the non-HSP.

If you’re highly sensitive it’s time to embrace the idea that there’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s just that you need to allow yourself the self-care you deserve by learning ways to re-balance and soothe your often-overstimulated nervous system.

Spend time on yourself. Invest in your health and wellbeing. 

Then you can thrive and share your gifts with the world.

Learn to thrive with the Stress Relief for Sensitives Tool Kit

So, I’m on a mission to help HSPs take care of themselves and to thrive. And Stress Relief for Sensitives is here to help you.

I’ve created a new resource for highly sensitive people: the Stress Relief for Sensitives Tool Kit.

I’ve spend years practising yoga, breathing and meditation techniques to help me feel more grounded and calm and to connect to the presence, wisdom and joy which reside within my highly sensitive body, heart and soul.

This Tool Kit shares my go-to grounding, relaxing, inspiring and heart-activating techniques that I have practised and refined over many years. They have been a great help to me in times when overwhelm has got the better of me — so I know they will make a profound difference to your life too.

It contains essential resources, practices and perspectives that will help you, as an HSP, to manage your energy and overwhelm — so you can move from surviving to thriving.

If you yearn to understand why you feel the way you do and are seeking pathways to peace, then this tool kit is for you.

It contains three downloadable audio recordings and an informative ebook.

If this resonates with you and you wish to find out more and purchase it, you can buy the Tool Kit here.

Check out my blog articles on dealing with stress and finding inner peace and read my articles on high sensitivity.

About Stella

Stella Tomlinson - Living in Rhythm - movement, yoga, meditation, relaxation, stillness, inner peace

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I guide highly sensitive women to live with peace & purpose.

I work with highly sensitive, intuitive women like you, who feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused and help you to reclaim your connection to yourself and feel more peaceful, whole and in flow with life.

I’ll guide you to reconnect to the inner intuitive guidance available to you through the sacred temple of your body; the wise whispers of your heart and soul; and the divine feminine energies of the seasons and cycles of life as a grounded spiritual practice.

And in doing so you’ll find clarity of mind, grounded inner peace, self-acceptance, a confident mindset, spiritual nourishment, and you’ll feel in flow with life.

Stress and the highly sensitive person (HSP)
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