How easily do you feel knocked off balance by the ups and downs of life? Do you feel you pick up on other people’s moods and energy and find it difficult to shake them off? Or maybe you often feel lost in your thoughts.

If your answers are along the lines of “easily” and “yes!” then that thing I do every day would likely benefit you too.

What is it?

Grounding: Priestess Stella hugging a treeWell, it’s GROUNDING.

As a high sensitive, you’re taking in so much data and energy from your environment and all the people around you. Your brain and nervous system are processing all of this very deeply. You’re empathetic and notice details and feel other people’s moods and find it easy to read people.

That’s a lot of “static” for your body/mind and energy to deal with.

So, you may find it difficult to work out which are your feelings and emotions, and which are those you’ve picked up from others.

This is why I consider it essential to ground yourself – every day. I do this first thing in the morning through meditation.

Try this Grounding Technique

  1. Sit or stand and take your awareness and your breath down to the base of your spine.
  2. See in your mind’s eye that a tap root is growing out from your tailbone down into the earth – holding you still and safe and steady on the ground. Nothing can pull or push on you now. You are held by the earth. You are supported. You are nourished.
  3. Let any excess nervous, anxious energy drain away from you, down through that root – let this excess energy seep away to be neutralised by the gentle, loving power of the earth, leaving you feeling still, safe and refreshed.
  4. And when you’re ready, let this gentle, loving power rise to your heart and fill you with whatever positive qualities you need: inner strength; calmness; self-belief; joy. Whatever you need allow yourself to be filled up. Let your body, mind and soul be filled with the energy you need. Connect to strength, stability and inner peace.

Seven more ways to get grounded

1.    March on the spot (a great way to stamp out irritation if someone or something has got under your skin of late!)

2.    Bend and straighten your legs 5-10 times.

3.    Stand up consciously and really FEEL the strong muscles in your legs and the contact through the soles of your feet with the strong, solid earth beneath you. Know you can let go of physical tension and emotional turmoil down into the earth. Breathe deeply and let it all go. Surrender to the safe space of this moment. Affirm: I am grounded, safe and secure. I CHOOSE to feel grounded, safe and secure.

4.    Eat: something like cheese, nuts, bread or some dark chocolate. Nothing too sugary or full of caffeine. Something simple and solid to bring you back into your body. Eat it slowly and mindfully bringing your mind’s attention onto the sensations of eating.

5.    Touch a tree: I like to hug trees or to place the palm of my hand onto a tree’s trunk. It immediately connects you to something stable, something which isn’t going to flit away like your mind is!

6.    Sit or lie on the ground: sit, go down on all fours or lie-down. If you’re up in your head getting close to the ground helps to stabilise you and feel the support of gravity keeping you safe on the earth.

7.    Throw off your shoes and get barefoot on the floor or, even better, outside on the ground e.g. grass through skin-to-ground contact. You are a bioelectrical being and all electrical systems on earth need to be grounded. Including you. Earthing has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain levels in the body; reduce stress; and improve circulation

Spend some time in contact with the earth … and feel more peaceful and present. 

{This is an extract from my Stress Relief for Sensitives ebook & tool kit}

About Stella

Stella Tomlinson - Living in Rhythm - movement, yoga, meditation, relaxation, stillness, inner peace

Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I guide highly sensitive women to live with peace & purpose.

I work with highly sensitive, intuitive women like you, who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and misunderstood and I help you to find the calm, ease and confidence you yearn for so you can live with peace and purpose.

I’ll guide you to reconnect to the inner intuitive guidance available to you through the sacred temple of your body; the wise whispers of your heart and soul; and the divine feminine energies of the seasons and cycles of life as a grounded spiritual practice.

And in doing so you’ll find clarity of mind, grounded inner peace, self-acceptance, a confident mindset, spiritual nourishment, and you’ll feel in flow with life.

I do this every day … maybe you need to do this too?
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