Group of hands with a red heart painted on themIf you’re feeling angry, doubtful, hurt or confused today: please know, dear one, that you are not alone.

If you’re feeling as if no-one gets you or understands you: please know, dear one, that you are not alone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated: please know, dearest soul, that you are not alone.

I know how it feels to be stuck in that dark place of low self-esteem, of feeling confused and overwhelmed, and feeling that you’re the only person feeling like this and everyone else is getting on wonderfully with their bright, shiny, high-achieving lives.

I regularly receive messages from clients and readers thanking me for talking about high sensitivity because they now no longer feel alone and as if they’re the only person who feels like this.

Wired to feel intensely

Remember, if, like me, you’re highly sensitive you will feel your emotions more deeply and intensely just because you’re wired that way: your nervous system processes all that it experiences more deeply.

So it can be all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your own thoughts and emotions.

If you feel like this today, or have ever felt like this – please, please understand, that you are NOT alone.

While I can’t wave a magic wand and take away the feelings, I can offer you the knowledge that other people feel this way too. That you’re not the only person to feel what you feel so intensely.

15-20% of the population are highly sensitive – that’s a lot of people who can feel this way!

It’s OK to feel

Despite the messages you may have received from the patriarchal culture we live in: it’s natural AND OK to feel emotions. It’s human to feel deeply.

We highly sensitive humans literally feel super-intensely!

And we highly sensitive women often experience the natural ebbs and flows of our emotions as they change with the menstrual cycle and/or the monthly lunar cycle as a roller-coaster ride!

Perhaps you can find solace in the thought that your tendency to feel challenging emotions deeply comes with the ability to feel joy and love and fun and radiant happiness much more deeply too.

But if that feels like a distant possibility, remember that life is not a linear journey from A to B. Life is a spiral of twists and turns and ups and downs and ins and outs … and none of it lasts forever. All things change. Especially your emotions.

Be like water

Can you be like water?

Let the tears flow if they need to – they are the most healing waters of all. Let yourself feel what you feel … and then let it all flow on through you to be released and to merge with the vast ocean of healing tears on this planet.

And in time – only when you are ready – arise, refreshed with a renewed courage in your heart because you have embraced your humanity and allowed yourself to feel … and you know that you are not alone.

Dear fellow sensitive soul: you are NOT alone
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