Stella, sitting in meditationSorry, but I can’t teach you to meditate.

That might sound a bit odd coming from me as I call myself a “Meditation Teacher” (amongst other things…).

The thing is…

Yes, I can show you how to sit comfortably.
Yes I can share with you meditation techniques.
Yes I can create and hold space for you to meditate.
Yes I can share my experience and answer your questions about your experiences in meditation.

But the experience of being in a meditative state? That’s something that you have to explore for yourself.

Meditation is something YOU have to commit to.

To show up to.

You’ve got to develop the discipline to make space for it in your life, regularly. Ideally, daily.

To sit (or walk) with an open heart and mind ready to receive whatever it is that you feel and experience in the practice.

Each person’s experience is unique.

And yes, there are bound to be questions and confusion – and LOTS of resistance.

That’s where I can come in – to guide you through this.

But actually meditating?

That’s YOUR job!

Do it. Make space for it in your life.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel in meditation.

Be open to frustration; repetitive thoughts spinning around on repeat; and resistance.

Be open to freedom; transcendence; blissful joy; and deep connection.

Be open to the hear the wise whispers of our heart and soul .. as well as the fearful frettings of your daily thoughts.

Learn to be open to it all.

That’s the gift that meditating will bring you!

Why I can’t teach you to meditate
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