Moon Wisdom Circles in Eastleigh Hampshire: New MoonAs I write these words on this New Moon I find myself more and more reflecting on, practising and teaching how we can connect to our intuition.

I find that when we connect to the cycles of life as a grounded spiritual practice we rediscover a deep sense of trust in the flow of life – and trust in ourselves that we have the guidance we need available within our hearts and souls speaking to us through our intuition.

But we live in a culture which programmes us to look outside of ourselves for the answers and cuts us off from the whispers of our heart and soul.

It’s taught us that emotions are messy, unwanted, and should be controlled.

It’s told us that intuition at best shouldn’t be trusted and at worst is a figment of our imagination.

Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t a role for logic and analysis nor that these very human capabilities aren’t incredibly useful – I wouldn’t want an engineer to design a bridge based purely on intuition and gut instinct for example. And yes there are times in life when you need to look at the facts and base your decision – at least in part – on what’s in front of you.

However, in everyday life it’s so easy to get stuck in our heads and analysis-paralysis.

Remember, one of the traits of high sensitivity is depth of processing: you process what you experience very deeply and in detail. This takes time and energy. It can lead to a lot of thinking – and a lot of thinking about what you’re thinking about.  Hence analysis-paralysis: not being able to make a decision because you’re running through all the potential outcomes of a situation.

Living in this headspace can feel a fretful space to occupy – which is where the guidance of our intuition can help us out. And as high sensitives, we have an innate ability to sense the subtle and so this inner guidance of feeling and knowing is there in abundance for us to draw on.

Tune into your intuition

Let these words from Rumi inspire you:

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction”.

When you settle the body and quieten your mind you will find that you begin to hear a quiet voice whispering to you – the voice of inner wisdom.

Whether you feel it’s your heart, your soul, your intuition or the voice of god/dess talking to you – we all have access to this inner guidance.

People often ask me how they know whether the guidance they’re hearing or feeling within them is coming from their head or their heart.

I always ask: how does it feel?

If the inner guidance comes with a feeling of tightness or tension in your body: if it comes with “shoulds” or “should nots” then it’s probably coming from a fear-based response which is your thinking mind trying to keep you safe – even if it means missing out, or playing small or doing something which isn’t for your highest good.

If the inner guidance comes with a feeling of stillness; groundedness; spaciousness; freedom then it’s a sign it’s coming from your wise and loving heart and soul. Yes, it may be accompanied by butterflies – but trust me, if you FEEL into it, you will know. 

This heart-felt inner guidance doesn’t make us feel guilty for following our own wishes or doing something which lights us up.

This inner guidance leads us to joy; to growth; to healing.

It’s an intuitive, visceral feeling in the body which says “yes, this is right”.

It shows us the way.

Inner guidance meditation

So, today I’d love to share with you a simple meditation exercise to get you in touch with the guidance of your heart and soul. I’d love to hear how you get on with it – please do share in the comments below.

You have the answers: listen to your intuition
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