Stella Tomlinson - Living in Rhythm - movement, yoga, meditation, relaxation, stillness, inner peaceI am a Priestess.

OK, to be more accurate I’m a Priestess-in-Training.

It feels curiously vulnerable to write that and to put it out there into the world.

I can feel the ancestral memory of witch-hunts and burnings and betrayal deep in my bones.

But still … I am ready to walk this path.

The path to becoming a Priestess of the Goddess Brighid.

Goddess of the perpetual flame. Goddess of inspiration, transformation and healing. Goddess of these lands: the British Isles (Brighid’s Isles…).

I am ready to go public! {Even though I have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach as I write this and a little whisper in my head asking (“are you really?”). But I won’t be cowed.}

Why am I ready to announce this?

Because I am called.

Because I feel the deep need and yearning in this consumer-driven, materialistic society for something more. Something spiritual; something magical; something to connect to a deep sense of the mysteries of life in a way which honours all of nature and our home, the earth. Something to reconnect to our souls.

Because I feel the yearning to reconnect to my soul – and I feel it in others too.

Do you feel it too?

Answering the call

I feel the yearning to reconnect to a spiritual practice which is intuitive and flowing and loving and without dogma.

A sacred feminine to balance the sacred masculine which has been the dominant / only option for the last few millennia.

The Goddess and the sacred feminine have been underground for too long and She is now ready to rise at this turning point for humanity.

As we destroy our habitat and risk descending once again into fear and battle and inhumanity, She is awakening in the opening hearts, minds and souls of women and men with the message that we need to bring the wild destructive side of patriarchal systems of control and manipulation and destruction back into balance by understanding that all of life is connected and all of life is sacred.

She is rising to remind us that life is flow and perpetual growth is unsustainable. She is rising to remind us to reconnect to the rhythm of life through the natural waxing and waning of the cycles of the moon and the seasons of the sun. She is rising to remind us that healing comes from within and through an holistic approach.

And to remind us that we, as humans, are part of nature – not in control of it – and to embrace the flow and rhythm of life is to live in alignment with how we are born to live.

The path to reconnection

For me, Goddess Spirituality offers a path to make this reconnection to soul and the sacred web of life.

And I am called to connect to this deeply and to create and hold this sacred space for others to connect, be inspired, transform and heal.

I am called to the work of the Priestess.

Unlike in patriarchal religions, a Priestess is not more powerful or higher than anyone else. There is no hierarchy.

A Priest/ess of the Goddess dedicates her (or his) life to service of the sacred. Tending the sacred temple that is her own body. Tending the sacred space of the “temple” space where she creates space for others to connect to their souls, Goddess and Her energies. She lives in connection with the shifts in energies of her body, the moon and the seasons of the year and her life and honours them daily.

This is my perspective now. But I am learning.

Or rather, I am remembering. For there are precious few way-markers left by our ancestors to follow. I’m afraid the Christian Church did rather too effective a job of rooting out the old ways.

But there are footprints found in our hearts and souls which call us to reconnect. To find our way.

A way to honour the earth.

A way back to re-making our own indigenous spirituality, deeply rooted in the lands we live in – rather than cherry-picking bits here and there and appropriating them from other indigenous cultures from around the world without truly understanding their ways.

A way back home to the unconditional love of the Goddess, divine Mother of us all.

A way back home to our souls.

And I’d love it if we could travel together on this journey…

Walking the Priestess Path
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