Everyday life can seem a bit of a drudge sometimes can’t it? Life admin. Commuting. Childcare. Cleaning. The same day on repeat. Get up. Be busy. Feel knackered. Go to bed. Get up and repeat … every, bloody, day…

The culture we live in here in the West glorifies being busy, and working hard, and being productive. It programmes us to believe that if we keep our nose to the grindstone, then all the riches in the world will be ours.

Focus. Work hard. Play by the rules. Climb the career ladder. Have and raise perfect high-achieving children. Buy the bigger house. Get the flashier car. Keep going and growing and consuming and … then you might be happy.

Just writing this is making me feel suffocated! How’s it feel to read it? To feel you must live it? 

Detach from the mad race of modern life

In this mad race to fill every waking moment with stuff and doing and checking and comparing where’s the space for enjoying life? Where’s the space for simple pleasures? Where’s the space to connect to the beauty that surrounds us in the singing of birds? The bloom of flowers? The feeling of the sun or wind against our skin?

Where’s the space for noticing what’s truly important to you and creating and cherishing that?

Where’s the space to slow down and connect to the deep inner wisdom that we have within us to guide us?

Where’s the space for your soul?

There isn’t any.

And that, I deeply feel, is one of the reasons why there is so much stress and anxiety in modern life.

We’ve disconnected from the things which make our hearts and souls sing in favour of chasing abstract dreams which probably weren’t ours in the first place; and distracting ourselves from feeling our complex feelings.

But there is another way…

Consciously decide to disconnect from the prevailing madness and the cult of busy and overwhelm … and make space for your soul.

Connect to soul space

Take a moment.

Highly Sensitive - sensing the subtle

What does ‘soul space’ mean to you?

How can you make space for your soul today?

It doesn’t have to be anything major or time-consuming.

I make space for my soul in daily life by:

  • Standing on my back step and feeling the sun on my face for a few moments (if it’s out!)
  • Opening the window and hearing the birds singing in my garden
  • Watching the formation of the clouds shift and change
  • Placing my hands on the centre of my chest to connect to my heart-space, taking a few breaths and checking in with how I feel and what I need
  • Beginning each day with meditation

They’re tender moments of deep connection. Beautiful. Transient. Made even more beautiful by their fleeting nature…

These are the true riches in this world: the riches and wonders of your own heart and soul, and the beauty which surrounds us in the natural environment (which is there if you go looking – even if you live in a city).

To me, soul space is a place of connection to the pulse and rhythm of life. A place of connection to my inner landscape – my feelings, yearnings, heart and soul whispers and intuition. A place of inner knowing and inner guidance. The love in my heart. The wisdom in my soul.

And it’s a place of connection to the sacred web of life by connecting to nature and the seasons and cycles and honouring their energy and flow.

It’s a space which is always present: infinite and eternal.

Honour your sensitive soul

Soul Space: embrace your radiant soul. Stella standing in front of a tree with hands on heartBut it is a conscious decision I need to take to connect to it.

To disconnect from overwhelm and reconnect to what is truly important to me.

Because I’m not immune to it. I get sucked into social-media-driven-comparisonitis – and my self-esteem takes a bashing because of it…

But sensitives like you and me need to time and space away from this busy over-stimulating world.

We need time and space to soothe and balance our nervous systems; to rest and reflect; and to dream into connection with the deep innermost wisdom of our heart and soul.  We need opportunities to get away from everyday life and to honour our own nature.

We’re wired to sense the subtle – we intuitively feel and know there are subtle energies within and around us and feel drawn to connect to something beyond ourselves such as the web of life; nature; source; the divine … each of us senses this uniquely.

We’re wired to feel for and sense and thrive in this soul space.

Tender. Delicate.


It’s a space that you may feel you are yearning for.

Or perhaps you already heed its calls and connect to it in your own way in daily life.

How are you going to make space for your soul today?

Make space for your soul
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