Soul Space: embrace your radiant soul. Stella standing in front of a tree with hands on heartI believe, no … I KNOW, that within me, within you and within all of us is a sacred place. A place of deep knowing and wisdom. Timeless. Expansive. Free. Radiant. 💫

It’s your soul. 💫

A place of intuitive understanding and deepest peace. 💫

An inner voice, which whispers, whose subtle guidance is all too often drowned out by the loud, fretful, analytical mind. 💫

The voice of your inner wisdom is wise and loving and doesn’t shout or fret or judge. Its message is truth and love and may come to you in words, or images or feelings. 💫

Open your inner ears and eyes. 💫

Within you is radiance. 💫

A multi-faceted precious jewel. 💫

Sparkling. Complex. Ancient. 💫

The jewel within your heart. 💫

The seat of the soul. 💫

Its light cannot be diminished. 💫

And yet, we tell ourselves we are small and unworthy, not good enough, imperfect. 💫

We dim our light and hide for fear of being seen. 💫

Life brings layers of hurt, pain, fear and resentment that shrouds the inner jewel and dims its light. 💫

But that luminescence is still there. 💫

Breathe. Move. Release. Be still. 💫

Sink down in the cave of your heart, and you will feel something shimmering. 💫

An unvanquishable energy pulsating and burning and shining, no matter what tries to cover it. 💫

Spend time in the cave of your heart. 💫

Linger with this burgeoning feeling as it begins to peel away the layers covering that inner jewel. 💫

Let the light shine. 💫

Don’t shield your eyes from its awe-inspiring luminosity. 💫

This is your sacred soul revealing itself to you. 💫

Let it glow. Let it dazzle. Let it expand. 💫

Feel the joyful peace filling your heart — the natural pure loving joy of being alive. 💫

Revel in this feeling. 💫

Reveal and embrace and live from this place: your radiant soul. 💫

Embrace your radiant soul
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