Imbolc blessings to you! The 1st/2nd February is Imbolc*: the ancient festival of reawakening.

Snowdrop: first signs of spring at ImbolcThe worst of winter is – perhaps! – behind us in the Northern Hemisphere; the days are noticeably lengthening; bulbs are pushing through and snowdrops are starting to poke their exquisite little white heads through the bare earth.

It might still feel cold – often bitterly so – but we can sense the earth reawakening.

The light is returning. Nature is stirring after her winter sleep.

That mysterious life-force which governs the cycles of the seasons is spreading its magic as the Wheel of the Year turns again.

Slow down. Connect. Can you feel the energy rising…?

What is Imbolc?

Imbolc – which has various meanings ascribed to it including “Ewe’s Milk”, “in the belly” and “to wash or cleanse” – is celebrated on the 1st / 2nd February in the Northern Hemisphere and is one of the eight Celtic Festivals known as the Wheel of the Year. These are ancient festivals and remembrances which connect back to our Pagan ancestors.

This is a time of awakening. The time to reawaken from the darkness of winter and the stillness and introspection that the Yuletide season offered us.

In ancient times, this period marked the first day of spring. And to me, it’s this time of year that feels more like the new year – how about you?

Brighid Imbolc
Brighid: Goddess of inspiration. transformation & healing

It’s the also the day most associated with Brighid – Goddess of Fire, Healing and Inspiration.

The Goddess whose Priestess Path I am walking as I soon begin the second spiral of my two-year training to become Her Priestess.

You may like to approach this Imbolc period as a time of re-emergence from the dark days of winter; a time to meditate on what you’d like to manifest in the developing active phase of the solar year.

Connect to this magical time of the year when the light returns; new life springs forth; and all seems magically possible.  (Or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere Lammas Blessings of abundance to you!)

So, as the light returns to the land, and the sap begins slowly to rise I invite you to slow down, to take a least a few moments out of your day and reflect on and connect to the energy of this sacred time.

How to celebrate Imbolc

Here are a few suggestions to celebrate Imbolc – but if something else calls you, listen to your inner wisdom and let Brighid guide you!

  1. Spend time outdoors and connect to a felt sense of the energy rising and reawakening in the land.
  2. Light a flame or fire in recognition of the returning light and the reawakening of your inner fire – and Brighid’s perpetual flame.
  3. Cleanse your home with incense or with sound, by clapping or with a singing bowl or by banging a drum. Clear out the old energy of winter and make space for the new energy of the coming spring.
  4. If you have an altar or sacred space dress it with whites and greens – invite Imbolc energy into your space.
  5. Light a candle and ask Brighid – keeper of the flame – to bless the candle. Sit quietly and soften your gaze or close your eyes. Meditate on or dream into what you want to birth into this world in the coming growing season – listen to the quiet whispers of your soul; let your wise and loving heart guide you:
    *What seeds of ideas do you wish to plant and nurture over the coming weeks and months?
    *What dreams do you wish to follow?
    *What does your soul yearn for?
    …Reflect on this or write it down – look within for the inspiration to create and bring forth; for the healing to release limiting beliefs which might be holding you back; and ignite the fire within to follow your passion with enthusiasm and determination.

May your heart be healed and whole; may your inner fire burn brightly; may the spark of inspiration be with you … and may your dreams come true.

Imbolc Blessings!

{*Imbolc is celebrated on 1st February by some; and on the 2nd February by others, including me – and it’s my birthday too!}

Imbolc blessings!
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