Hellebore‘With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.’ ~ William Wordsworth

Have you ever experienced that sense of deep connection?

When you feel grounded and present and still, and you can feel the web of life holding you and all living beings in its care?

Gentle, soulful, flowing yoga and meditation, or walking in woodland, or staring out to sea can take me to that place that Wordsworth is talking about.

I’ve had a few memorable experiences of this over the years.

The first time I felt that deep connection was on a yoga retreat.

We were sent outside to go and gaze at a flower or a tree.

I stood looking at the leaves of a tree.

Suddenly and perceptibly I felt and knew that the leaves were looking back at me.

It was a surprise, yet felt so natural.

The web of life

We are surrounded by life.

We are interconnected within a web of life.

When we slow down, calm our nervous system and quieten the monkey mind, we realise that all life is connected.

It’s a beautiful and deeply soul-nourishing experience.

So, when your head is full, and your heart is heavy, and you need a reminder that there is something else beyond your worries try this:

Look up into the vast sky and watch the clouds drift by and let your worries drift away with them.

Let your mind be as open and vast as the sky.

Let in the light of perspective.

Fall in love with nature

Gaze at a flower. Such perfection, such beauty, such simplicity.

A flower doing all it knows: blooming. Without comparison, without fear it simply unfurls and glows.

In the words of Vincent Van Gough:

‘If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere’

We don’t have to look far to see examples of beauty and perfection in nature. But remember, you too are a child of nature. Created by the same light from the sun, and nourishment from the earth, and life from the air around us.

Gift your mindful attention to the simple beauty around you, and nature will gift you with soul food in return.

You too are the perfection of nature embodied in human form.

Hold yourself in a space of love and embrace your natural perfection.

What next? …

Read my book Whispers From Mother Earth.


Connect to nature: connect to your soul
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