Feeling knocked off balance by the waves of life crashing all around you? Watch or read this to realize that you CAN surf the waves of life … in fact you’re a surfer already!

Life will always bring its challenges. Whether it’s work, family, money, health, or our own monkey mind.

The waves are going to keep coming. Accept that. Let that be.

And learn to surf!

Surfers don’t battle against the wave or try to control it or beat it. They don’t try to fight it off. They roll with it.

But as humans we try to direct the waves of life; we resist and judge and try to control the reality of what we’re experiencing.

It’s a waste of energy and rarely makes a positive difference! Can you remember the last time resisting the truth of what was happening led to a positive change?

No, me neither.

It probably led to feelings of frustration, anger and doubt.

By surfing the waves of life, you accept what you’re experiencing. You bring your awareness to what is happening now and to the truth of the situation (rather than the dramatic stories your mind will be making up) so you can move forward with intention and grace rather than flapping around in a panic or tantrum or sulk.

Pain and fear and challenges are part of what it is to be human.

They’re the monster waves that can drown us if we ignore them.

We may spend our lives in fear of the waves that might be on their way.

But realise that you already have successfully surfed the waves at some point in your life.

Think of a challenging experience from your past. How did you get through it? Even if it feels a mess and you believe you could have handled it better, recognise that as you’re here, reading this, you DID come through it. Reflect on the lessons you have learned from that experience.

Congratulations! You are a surfer of life’s waves already!

So instead of worrying about the waves, centre and ground yourself. Regularly.

And know that you can surf again.

Care for yourself and give yourself what you need to nurture your body, mind and soul. Good nutrition. Time to relax and unwind. The chance to connect with those things that bring you joy.

Develop your inner strength and resilience.

And then, when the waves come, you won’t drown in them. Instead, you’ll surf on top of them, riding the waves with strength, inner peace and calm.

Mind Taming Peace Mantra:  

I surf the waves of life.

What next?

Peace Lies Within: 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peaceRead on…

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Surf the waves of life
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