Yoga and meditation teacher Stella Tomlinson, Dru yoga in Southampton and EastleighIt’s OK to feel angry.

It’s OK to feel fearful or confused or full of doubt.

It’s OK to feel irritated and frustrated.

It’s OK to feel joyful or deeply content.

It’s OK to feel happy or cheerful.

It’s OK to feel baffled or bewildered or bemused.

It’s OK to feel the depths of despair and the dizzy heights of bliss.

It’s all OK.

It’s OK to FEEL.

Experiencing emotions is part of being human.

That flow of feeling and sensation and energy is natural.
The trouble comes when you tell yourself that what you’re feeling is wrong. Whether it’s because it doesn’t fit in with those close to you or because it doesn’t match what society says you should feel or it doesn’t fit in with your own sense of self identity (e.g. “spiritual people shouldn’t be angry”).

The trouble comes when you push the feelings down and bottle them up. They WILL make themselves known whether through dis-ease or explosive emotional outbursts – either way it makes a mess!

The trouble comes if you become so attached to feeling a certain way e.g. guilty or angry that it limits your life and blocks your joy.
Or you become so attached to feeling light and blissful and joyful that you deny you feel anything challenging and the “bad” stuff gets denied and pushed away.

But there’s no trouble in having the feelings in the first place.
Denying, ignoring, numbing or grasping after emotions takes so much energy.

Try this instead.

Let the feelings in – sit with them a while.

Be honest. Be open. Breathe with the feelings.

Be brave and courageous and resilient – yes you can!

Ask difficult emotions which keep coming what message they have for you. Do you need to change something in your life? Do you need learn to accept something you can’t change?

But please remember. There’s no need to be afraid of feeling.

Let the emotions in. Let them through. There’s no need to judge.

Use their energy to inspire you to action and creativity and passion and change or acceptance.

It’s OK to feel, my love.

It’s OK to feel
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