Sun Shining with joy - Yoga in Southampton and EastleighHarness the power of your mind to feel more positive, present and peaceful with this affirmation to breathe in joy:

“I am filled with abundant life and energy”

Close your eyes and imagine golden sunlight, vitality and Prana (life force) flowing over you and through the crown of your head into every cell of your body.

Feel the warmth … See each organ, muscle, bone & sinew, and each cell within you glowing with life and energy and a sense of joy.

If you’re not feeling too well, imagine this energy bringing healing to your body and mind.

Repeat out loud, or silently: I am filled with abundant life and energy.

Breathe deeply – breathe in life and energy, breathe out toxins and tension.

Choose to feel alive and vibrant and joyful!

…Because it is a choice.

Choose joy

Over the years I have met people living with pain or disability and even terminal cancer who have been full of joy and life because that’s how they’ve chosen to live the life that they have.

As we’ve been talking about in my weekly Dru Yoga classes over the past month or so – energy flows where your attention goes.

It’s all about how you approach life – because the energy you bring to life will hugely affect how you experience your life.

If your mind and your life were a garden which would you choose to water? The flowers or the weeds? Because whichever you water will grow and flourish.

Place your attention on what’s wrong in your life, what you think you lack and dwell on the negative thoughts, then you will experience life as a struggle.

Place your attention on what you have to be grateful for and focus on the life-enhancing and supportive thoughts in your mind and then your experience of life will be more peaceful, positive and joy-filled – no matter the challenges.

I’m not talking about wandering around with rose-tinted specs and ignoring the challenging circumstances or difficult emotions which come with being human.

No, I’m talking about being with and dealing with the messy stuff which comes up and through your life and choosing to feel alive and vibrant anyway.

So, join with me and imagine life and light streaming through you into every cell of your being and affirm out loud – and really mean it! –  I am filled with abundant life and energy!

Open to joy
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