The sky is always there above us – it appears to change yet it is constant.

It undeniably exists … but if we try to reach out and touch it or locate it we find it’s impossible to do so.

It just is.

“The unbounded and joyful is our true nature and not a thing in itself. It is like the sky.” ~ The Happy Buddha

In this way, our true nature is like the sky.

It is always there within us – it appears to change yet it is constant.

We try to find it – often by looking outside ourselves for validation or confirmation; or looking for external things to bolster our sense of who we are.

Yoga teaches us we are unbounded, pure awareness; sparks of divine light and love and joy – incarnated into human beings.

This is your true nature.

You don’t need to go looking for it.

It’s there and within you all along.

It’s just perhaps that you’ve forgotten; your fretful mind tells you stories about how you’re not good enough somehow; or life experience has battered you and taught you to feel small.

Let these stories go.

Stop searching.

You were there all along.

Radiant and loving. 
Strong and grounded. 
Free and vast. 


You are like the sky
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