Meditation in Hampshire: meditate to look within for peaceWhere do you look for wisdom and solace and guidance?

These wise words can give us a hint as to the best place to look:

“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens” ~ Carl Jung

Everything in our culture encourages us to look outside ourselves for answers and validation.

It starts at school and as we grow up and throughout adulthood we’re conditioned to look to “experts” to tell us what’s going on inside ourselves; we’re told to buy buy buy all sorts of stuff to make ourselves feel happy; we’re taught that material possessions and career advancement are indicators of our worth.

No wonder so many of us feel disconnected and discombobulated and confused. We’re inhabiting a twilight zone of disconnection. As a human race we have created this dream (or nightmare) that we are all in competition to prove our worth to each other.

We’re self-medicating with TV, busy-ness, food, drink, social media, drugs to numb out the insistent feeling that there has to be another way…

And there is.

Turn away from competition, and wanting more, and looking inside yourself for the answers and contentment.

Look within.

Awaken to the inner wisdom of your body/mind.

Your body is constantly giving you feedback on how you truly feel – the tension in the jaw and throat signifying you’re not speaking your truth. The digestive woes suggesting there’s something about your life which you can’t stomach. The lower back, hips and knee niggles which could be pointing to not allowing yourself to go with the flow and/or not being grounded.

Slow down, look within and hear the whispers.

I’m not saying it’s easy. When we look within we may find all sorts of emotions and feelings we’ve been suppressing for years. Allowing yourself to feel them is part of the process.

If it all feels too difficult then simply look within and ask what simple pleasures bring you joy.

And gift yourself moments of joy every day to feed your soul.

Look within and wake up to your true human nature and potential: wise; infinite; loving.

And perfectly good enough, just as you are.

Look within
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