I thought these words timely for the start of a new calendar year – especially with so many marketing messages screaming “New Year, New You” at you!

“The aim of life is self-development. To realise one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for” ~ Oscar Wilde

I agree, that the aim of life is self-development.

But it’s not about fixing you because you’re broken.

The old you from last year is perfectly fine.

For me, this speaks to what is at the heart of the yogic approach to ourselves.

Because, while in a practical sense, yoga can seem to be about making shapes or sitting on a yoga mat; ultimately yoga is about realising your true nature: a spark of divine light; interconnected energy and consciousness. Love.

And that is your true nature.

A shining, precious jewel.

However, life has probably left your inner jewel a bit mud-splattered.

Maybe this inner jewel is so covered in mud through the challenges life has brought you that it is obscured by unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs and it seems impossible to believe that this shining place is within you (it happens to us all!).

Dru Yoga, mindfulness & meditation helps us to rediscover that inner jewel.

It helps us release stuck emotions and energy from our bodies; it helps us to release the layers of mental conditioning; it encourages us to let go, make amends and find inner peace; it helps us to connect to and live from a place of love and compassion and understanding – and to show this towards ourselves and all other living beings.

So, I invite you, if you wish, to make this part of your intention for this year.

To do what it takes to gently and lovingly scrape away whatever is covering your inner jewel so you can shine your light and your love into this hurting, amazing, painful, joyful, confused, yet miraculous world.

What’s your true nature?

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