Which rules within you? Your head or your heart? 

It’s a tricky one.

Do we make choices based on logic, analysis and perceived knowledge, or make them based on inner guidance which often arises as a strong feeling in the body – and may defy logic?

I used to just live in my head, but it was a fretful space to occupy … so now I make it my daily spiritual practice to tune into my heart, because:

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction” ~ Rumi

These words really go to the heart of why I teach and share what I do!

When you settle the body and quieten your mind you will find that you begin to hear a quiet voice whispering to you – the voice of inner wisdom.

Whether you feel its your heart, your soul, your intuition or the voice of god/dess talking to you – we *all* have access to this inner guidance.

Trouble is, our fretful analytical mind is so loud it too often drowns out the quiet, wise whisperings of our soul.

And add to that a culture which denigrates listening to your heart, tells you to listen to your head over your heart, says being emotional is weak, and teaches you to cut off from your intuition ~ that quiet voice within which somehow just seems to know.

Let me be clear. This inner guidance is *not* the analysing logical mind which feels it has to be right and sure before you make a decision and frets over the outcome.

This inner guidance does not use words like “should” or “shouldn’t”.

This inner guidance doesn’t make us feel guilty for following our own wishes or doing something which lights us up.

This inner guidance leads us to joy; to growth; to healing.

It’s an intuitive, visceral feeling in the body which says “yes, this is right”.

It shows us the way.

How many times have you over-ridden an intuitive instinct about something or someone and let your fretful mind over-rule it, only to realize too late that your inner guidance was right all along?

Time to stop that!

Slow down. Breathe. Bring your nervous system back into balance. Rest. Ground.

…And prepare to listen out for the wise whispers of your heart and soul.

Listen to your heart
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