Fellow highly sensitives… you might well be feeling a bit odd and off-kilter this week – what with the change in season and the full moon yesterday!

I know that, as much as I love it, in early autumn I can feel a bit discombobulated – happy and joyful one minute, bone-tired the next…

If you’re feeling it too then, like me, you’ll benefit from daily GROUNDING – to feel rooted, safe and still.

Try this – it only takes a few minutes.

Get grounded

TreeSit in a comfortable but upright position. Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths.

Notice where your body is in contact with the ground, or with the surface you are sitting upon. Let yourself feel supported.

Become aware of the effects of gravity on your body: sensations of being supported, being held. A pleasant heaviness. Feelings of stability and stillness.

Feel as if you have deep roots, anchoring you firmly to the strong earth beneath you. Breathe out, down into the ground.

Connect to the silent strength and stillness of the earth. And as you become rooted, YOU become strong and stable. Your body relaxes. Your muscles release tension. Your mind becomes quiet and calm.

Rest for as long as feels good, connecting to the earth, connecting to strength and stability.

To finish, imagine you can draw up nourishing energy from the earth, through your roots: maybe strength, courage, stillness. Let your body, mind and soul be filled with the energy you need.

Then slowly begin to move and carry on with the rest of your day, reenergized through connecting to the infinite support of the earth beneath you.

How did you get on with that?

{Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson}

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