We all have those days – when everything feels too much of an effort and everything you try seems to go wrong. Feeling tired and lacking in energy. Your mood is heavy.

Sometimes its stuff going on in our lives which gets on top of us – work pressures, family angst, health concerns.

Or it may be hormonal, part of the ebbs and flows of the feminine and lunar cycle.

Other times these low moods seem to descend for no apparent reason… though it’s common at this time of the year as we shift from summer expansive energy into the withdrawal of autumn.

It’s important to be honest with how you’re feeling and not try to bottle up emotions or deny them or push them under or, worse still, berate yourself for feeling this way.

But also know that you can take control of how you feel – you don’t have to be at the mercy of your shifting emotional inner landscape.

Here are my own personal tried-and-tested methods for lifting a low mood:

1) Move

If you’re feeling low chances are your motivation to do move is quite low too.

So make it simple.

Stand up and stretch. Walk on the spot. Swing your arms from side to side. Go for a walk – even a few steps up and down the room.

Movement gets the body’s endorphins flowing – the feel-good chemicals.

Put some music on and dance. Don’t care what you look like – just move!

2) Breathe

Yes, I know, you’re breathing all the time!

But when we’re feeling low our breath will often be shallow.  We’re not bringing in the oxygen to enliven our brain and cells and we’re not letting go of the toxins we need to.

So, focus on a lovely deep, refreshing inhale … and relax on the exhale.

Let each in-breath bring life and energy to saturate every cell of your being … and let the low mood go with the out-breath.

Breathe in golden light into your fingertips and toes … and as you exhale feel the grey mist of your low mood floating away.

Simple but effective.

3) Shift your perspective

What’s your take on your world and your life at the moment?

Which thoughts are you feeding?   The weeds of discontent or the flowers of joy?

We all have challenging stuff in our lives and we all have emotional baggage.

Similarly, we all have something we can feel grateful for.

Shift your perspective and connect to and revel in simple pleasures.

Whether it’s gratitude for a flower; your home; the warmth of the water on your skin in the shower in the morning; the food in your fridge; the level of health you have at the moment; the sunshine; the rain; the autumn leaves. Even just the fact of having got up this morning!

This is my current affirmation: “I am grateful for the abundance I have in my life.”

What’s yours?

Because even if you don’t know you have one, any thought which keeps running through your head becomes an affirmation. It could be “I don’t have enough time”, “I am too tired”, “everything keeps going wrong for me” – whatever you keep telling yourself becomes your reality.

Which brings me onto #4…

4) Change your belief

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe” ~ St Augustine

We’re getting deeper now!

Are you aware of the deeply-held beliefs you’re holding? About yourself? About the world?

Because those beliefs are shaping how you’re perceiving your reality.

It can take a while to shift but it’s worth the effort.

Do you view life through the lens of love or the prison-bars of fear?

Circumstances may be challenging in your life – circumstances are certainly challenging in many ways in the world at the moment!

But when we choose to believe there is love and goodness and kindness and hope within ourselves and within the world we begin to see what we believe.

And it all begins with simply but consistently choosing what you believe.

Practising and internalizing phrases that support your beliefs can help to open us up to different thought patterns and thus change the way we think about and perceive the world.

Find phrases which work for you, but here are a few examples to help you along:

  • I am safe / I choose to feel safe.
  • I am at peace / I choose to feel peaceful.
  • I open to love / I choose to open to love.
  • All is well in my world.
  • I trust the universe to support me.
  • Life is on my side.
  • I love life and life loves me.

Which ones work for you? I’d love to hear so let me know in the comments below.

Feeling low? 4 simple ways to lift your mood
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