Do you have a special place? Where you straight away feel connected to inner peace? Perhaps it’s somewhere close by, or a place in your heart.

One such place for me is the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury.

I went again recently – my second visit to Glastonbury this year and I know it will be a place I keep returning to!

The Chalice Well gardens are a beautiful sanctuary of peace – have you been there?

Every time I go there (three times just in this latest visit!) I receive so much guidance and clarity. It truly is a magical place.

So, I’d love to share with you a simple vision, a prayer for inner peace and connection which came to me, fully formed, as I sat with the late-summer sun shining down on me in the Chalice Well Gardens recently.

I now use it every day and it helps me to let go of pressure and anxiety and to feel connected, supported and loved.

It’s simple and short. Take some time to linger with it. Breathe deeply, and feel it. Let it into every cell of your being. Let it into your soul.

I hope it resonates with you 💗💗💗

I breathe in divine light ~ universal energy ~ through the crown of my head … and the soles of my feet.

I feel it flowing down through me … rising up … filling my heart.

Please wash away my doubts and fears.
Please fill me with strength and wisdom and joy…
… that I may shine my light in this world.

And so it is.


A prayer for inner peace
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