Mindfulness with doterra essential oilsI’d love to share with you a really powerful way to boost your wellbeing: the power of intention alongside essential oils.

Essential oils  – these gifts of the earth – have powerful properties to manage your moods, to support better sleep, digestion and immune function on their own. But if you team them up with the power of your mind, then you have got a forceful power in your hands for becoming the healthiest, happiest most radiant version of you!


Then let me just step back and share a few things…

Belief and your body

Now, I am a massive believer in the power of belief to influence our emotional and physical wellbeing.

We all have an “inner voice” that runs a commentary on our day, every waking minute. Do you notice the tone of the language your inner voice uses?

So often this inner voice becomes a rampant inner critic – judging and analysing and criticising ourselves and others and creating unhelpful beliefs.

Cutting-edge cellular biologists are discovering that our beliefs affect us on a cellular, physical level. If we believe and tell ourselves we are tired / not good enough / ill this message is “heard” by our cells and, well, what we think becomes fact.

Thinking stressful thoughts and believing we can’t improve our lives or our health puts our cells into stress-primed protective mode and this inhibits their growth and vitality.

Belief and your brain

On another level, the thoughts we keep thinking become our reality because we’re programming our brain.

If you think “I’m tired and anxious and I just can’t be bothered anymore” everyday, your subconscious mind takes this as truth and you’ll keep believing and acting in this way, which reinforces the belief you’re tired and anxious and everything is just too much hassle.

Powerful stuff eh? Any maybe a little bit scary?!

But flip that coin and ask yourself: so what if I believed I have the capacity to be well and whole and radiant and joyful instead?

What if I choose thoughts and actions filled with love and hope and gratitude instead of fear and anger and doubt?

Then, my friend, you will be telling your cells all is well and re-programming your brain to act from a place of wholeness and self-acceptance.

Belief and oils

Wow! But what has this got to do with essential oils?

WELL… This is where the power of intention comes in.

Every oil has physical AND emotional AND spiritual healing properties which we will benefit from.

However, if our beliefs are telling our body/mind that we’re sickly / fearful / not good enough, then our mind is creating a barrier for the oils to to their job.

If we use the oils with intention and positive belief then not only are we harnessing their innate power to heal but we are teaming that up with the immense power of our mind to create a positive environment on a cellular level.

Mind-blowing stuff!

So, next time you use your oils – whether it’s diffusing or applying them topically or ingesting them – take a moment to stop, pause and reflect and ask yourself what’s your intention in using the oil? What do you want it to do? What do you need? Then turn that into a positive statement and choose to believe that this will happen.

So, for example perhaps you’re diffusing Lavender or Serenity restful blend because you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Take a moment to say out loud, or write down: “Even though I am feeling anxious, I choose to love and accept myself anyway. I choose to release these feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. I choose to feel peaceful and relaxed and capable.” Take some deep breaths and then let the oils and the power of your intention do their work.

Or perhaps you’re using DeepBlue blend for muscle or joint pain. You might affirm: “Even though I feel this discomfort/pain I choose to love and accept myself anyway. I choose to release the feelings of resistance to the discomfort. I choose to feel at ease”.

A radical approach to empower you to care for yourself!

Want to know more about essential oils?

Find out more about how and why I use essential oils and how I can help you bring them into your life with a free 1-2-1 Wellness Consult or Essential Wellbeing class.

I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and only use doTERRA essential oils which are pure and potent and safe.

Essential oils & the power of intention
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