Here’s a question for you. What’s your intention for today?

Did you answer something along the lines of, “Erm, dunno”?

Daily life can all to easily turn into a hamster wheel of: get up, go to work or look after the kids or run around all day doing stuff, arrive home exhausted, flop in front of the TV, haul yourself off to bed before repeating it all the next day.

We’re so busy, busy, busy – in a culture which unhealthily glorifies busy and being productive – that one day can easily feel like the next.

Events determine what we experience each day and how we feel.

What would it feel like to know there’s another way?

Imagine living each day with purpose and intention.

Yes, you might still need to do the same stuff but what if you no longer needed to feel pulled this way and that as if you have no control over what you do and how feel?

The power of intention

This is the gift that the power of intention offers us.

My years of yoga and meditation practice and teaching have taught me a very important lesson: your mind shapes the way you experience life.

If your mind is all over the place and unfocused, you’ll feel pulled this way and that in all that you do.

If your mind dwells in the past, you will find it difficult to approach the future with confidence.

If your mind is always jumping forward anticipating all the “what ifs” of any given situation, you will find it impossible to enjoy what you have, here, in your life now.

Believe me, I know this to be true, because that’s what I’ve experienced myself.

But I’ve come to learn – particularly through practising mindfulness and meditation – that the mind is a powerful tool. Learn to harness this tool and you will find you have an unlimited power to shape the way you experience your life.

Start the day as you mean to go on

Begin at the start of the day.

What are the first thoughts and feelings you have on waking?

Maybe the to-do list starts running; you dread a difficult appointment you’ve got coming up; worries and fretting start whirring around your head. Or maybe it’s just a generalised feeling of “ugh, another day to battle through”.

What would it feel like to begin the day with an intention of how you would like experience the day?

Maybe you’d like courage, or serenity, acceptance or calm.

Then start the day feeling this.

Before you even get up. Take some deep breaths and decide how you are going to experience today. How you are going to approach it.

Today I am calm.

Today I am courageous.

Today I am serene.

Today I am efficient and focused.

Today I accept what life brings me.

Today I am grateful for the lessons I shall learn.

Use the present tense: that’s vital to trick your mind into feeling it to be real, now.

Then get out of bed and make it part of your morning routine to stand (or sit) upright and strong yet relaxed. Take some deep breaths.

Visualise the day unfolding according to your affirmation. What actions will you take? What thoughts will you think? What will you do? What won’t you do?

Write down your intention and put it where you can see it.

See it, feel it. And then notice if this creates a shift in your experience of daily life.

You always have a choice.  

Set a positive intention each day and it will help you cope with what life brings you.

It will help you live life with joy and ease in your heart.

Start your day with intention
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