I’m on a mission. To raise awareness of the trait of high sensitivity. To empower and inspire highly sensitive people.

15-20% of the population has a nervous system which is more finely tuned to the environment & stimuli. Amongst other things we tend to be very aware of the subtleties in the environment; we pick up on other people’s moods; we need quiet-time on very busy days.

There’s nothing wrong with HSPs. It’s not a syndrome or a condition to be cured or managed.

The way I see it, some people have brown hair others blond. Some people have blue eyes, others brown. Some people have a highly sensitive nervous system, others don’t.

But because we live in a noisy, over-stimulating world we HSPs often feel anxious and stressed and overwhelmed because our nervous system reaches saturation point long before non-HSPs.

So I’m on a mission to help HSPs take care of themselves in order to thrive.

Challenges and gifts


I do get it. Life can feel challenging for sensitives.

The noise and stimulation of towns and cities can feel overwhelming.

Picking up on other people’s moods and emotions can feel so draining and almost impossible to deal with.

The need for rest and quiet-time that our brain needs for the depth of processing of our experience and ideas that is characteristic of the highly sensitive person can feel frustrating and darn-well inconvenient in our busy lives.

But I also know that if we can learn to incorporate self-care practices into our daily routine to soothe our nervous system and calm our thoughts and reactions then we can learn to appreciate the gifts that high sensitivity brings.

We have gifts of deep understanding; soul-nourishing appreciation of nature; true empathy and compassion towards others. We have gifts of creativity; and enjoy a rich and complex inner life.

We see the bigger picture. We see beyond the surface into the true meaning and life of things.  We can literally feel what is going on around us beyond the surface level of words and first impressions.

Live life well

So, here is my sensitive manifesto for living life well:

  1. Slow down and disconnect from the glorification of busy which our frantic world is obsessed with.
  2. Connect to the earth beneath your feet: know you are supported; know you ARE safe.
  3. Rest is best: give your nervous system some quiet-time, regularly.
  4. Let go of guilt: self-care is NOT selfish. If you don’t rest and have quiet-time you WILL burn out.
  5. Breathe in and be filled up with all that you need: Breathe out and let go of what no longer serves you.
  6. There’s nothing wrong with being quiet, or gentle, or kind.
  7. Get out in nature:  nurture your sensitive soul by plugging into the calming energy of trees, flowers, grass, rivers, brooks, meadows…
  8. Practise gratitude, contentment and joy. Daily. Savour the simple pleasures in life.
  9. Tune in to your intuition : your soul whispers. Inner guidance knows best.
  10. And above all… love your sensitive soul.

How does that sound to you? Which one are you going to put into practice today?

I’m going to be writing more about high sensitivity from now on, offering perspectives, inspirations and practices to help you understand the trait;  soothe your highly sensitive nervous system and embrace your sensitivity.

In the mean-time…

Stress Relief for Sensitives

My Stress Relief for Sensitives Tool Kit offers pathways to peace when your feelings & the world overwhelm you.

It’s a tool kit containing 3 guided audio recordings and an ebook where you’ll learn techniques and gain new perspectives on your sensitive nature so you can feel more peaceful, calm, grounded and confident.

Bring these practices into your daily life and you will discover a boundless inner source of peaceful resilience and heartfelt joy.

Whether you’re new to learning about the trait of high sensitivity or are consciously living as a highly sensitive person, this tool kit will improve your self-knowledge and teach you practical ways to deal with stress and overwhelm, offer you self-care techniques for daily life, and will guide you to connect to the deepest gifts of high sensitivity.

If you yearn to understand why you feel the way you do and are seeking pathways to peace, then this tool kit is for you.

Sensitive Manifesto for Living Life Well
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