Soul food:

“Promise yourself today to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind” ~ Christian D Larson

Peace of mind is an act of strength.

It does require will power. The brain, the mind is programmed to scan, to roam, to wander. To look out for danger. Trouble is, when there’s no immediate danger to attend to the mind will wander off into ruminating on the past or flit off to worrying about the future.

So we need to use our inner strength to choose to where we focus; to bring our attention back into the present moment.

We can do this by anchoring our awareness on the breath; or we can practise mindfulness of the senses – tuning into where we can feel our body in contact with the ground or the seat; hear the sounds around us and so on.

But know our mind *will* always want to wander.

So choose to be strong and choose where you allow your focus and thoughts to rest.

Soul food: Peace of mind

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