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“To the quiet mind all things are possible” ~ Meister Eckhart

How does it feel when your mind is racing? When the monkey mind is jumping from one thing to the other? When you’re ruminating on the past or catastrophising about the future?

Chances are there isn’t much space for exploration there. There is pressure and stress and a whirlwind of worry.

But in a quieter mind there is space. Space to explore. Space to believe that the seemingly impossible can become possible.

That’s why I practise yoga. To quiet my mind and connect to a still, silent spaciousness where all is possible.

Yoga is stilling the thought-waves of the mind – so said Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

And it does this by creating space – have you felt that?

The space begins by moving our bodies to let the muscles slide, the joints move and release thus creating ease.

Then we have created space for the breath to express itself – to fully inflate and efficiently contract.

Then we may notice spaces between each breath – those little points of stillness.

And then we joyously notice there is space between the thoughts. Space to notice what we’re feeling. Space to choose how to act. A blissful space of inner peace and calm.

A quiet mind where all is possible.

Soul food: The Quiet Mind

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